Love, trust, commitment and joy ~ The Foundations of a Lasting Love

Today I am thrilled to share the sweet story of Emily and William, a wonderful couple who have been 60 years married, sharing a a lifetime of love, trust, commitment and joy together.

Images were lovingly captured by their granddaughter Leah of Leah and Jordan Photography who brought together a fabulous photo shoot to celebrate this wonderful milestone.

Leah says of the shoot…


I would like to introduce to everyone two very special people to me, Emily and William Lundy, who we refer to as “Ganny” and “Pawpaw.”

The 10th of September marked my grandparent’s 60th wedding anniversary since tying the knot in 1960.

Throughout my lifetime, they have been the perfect role models. From allowing my friends and I to take over their living room with our sleepovers, attending every game my brother and I had, to showcasing what true love and trust really is with their silly quirks.

I now understand no love is ever perfect and at times, it’s messy. Life tries to get in the way, but a love worthwhile deserves the fight.


Their love story began in 1953. God only knew that Ganny would be introduced to the love of her life when visiting the local drug store for her usual after school cherry coke. She remembers that day vividly.

She was smitten by his “smile and that one curl falling on his forehead” and thought to herself how she would love for him to be her husband and the father of her children one day.

They didn’t see each other again until the following summer when their friends threw them back together for a date night at the local Texan movie theatre in Athens, Texas.

From there, their love blossomed and they soon figured out they couldn’t live without one another.


When asked what makes a marriage last, Ganny replied, “I never wanted to be with anyone else. My husband says he did not either. I found trust extremely important, and we were happy. We had children and continued to follow our faith.”

Pawpaw being an avid fisherman his whole life says, “She’s the best catch I’ve ever had.”

Thank you so much to Leah for allowing me to share this incredible shoot

Its a beautiful reminder to the world from the lens of a granddaughter who adores her grandparents.. and an insight into, and celebration of lasting love. .

I am so honoured to share love stories like these, and showing that love wins.. always, no matter what.


Shoot Vendors

Venue: Stone Oak Ranch

Planning: Leah Kinney

Photography: Leah and Jordan Photography

Models: William + Emily Lundy

Dress and Tux: Brides and Belles of Tyler

Florals: La Tee Da Flowers Texas

Hair: Brooke Fortner – Sydney Brookes Styles

Makeup: All Made Up

Jewelry:  Kendra Scott

Rings: Its Reigning Jewels

Cake: Cherry Laurel Bakery

Cookies: Baked East Texas

Sign: Willeford Design Co.


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    A beautiful love story
    Mr Lundy was my principal and Mrs Lundy was my teacher . I am now 52 years old and I love this story .

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      Aww thats lovely, its a beautiful story, and nice to have good memories of people from back in the day 😍

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