Love without Boundaries ~ A nostalgic out of the box colourpop wedding styled shoot

Today I am excited to share Love without Boundaries, a nostalgic out of the box colourpop wedding styled shoot that takes inspiration from the 80s/90s and challenges traditional media stereotypes in a knock your socks kind of way.

Expressions of love shouldn’t have to fit a tick box but thats somehow its played out.

Being in love and its representation should be inclusive in embracing disability, race, sexuality, religion and empower all couples in their journey towards marriage.

Images were captured by Sandrachile with assistance by Jenni Grace at Union Hall at Bar Marco Pittsburgh.

Photographer Sandrachile says of the shoot…


When I became a wedding photographer, I made a tacit commitment with myself.

As a media producer, I was in the position to continue making the same images everyone else did, or to produce images that most were overlooking.

I don’t have to tell you the answer in that didn’t sit right with me at all!

Media loves to show white skinny people having lavish celebrations of love, but what happens to the rest of us.

Media loves to pretend as if nobody else was getting married, as if other bodies, races, and looks didn’t matter.

So I committed myself to portray the rest of us, the forgotten ones, the ones nobody was showing.

Every year I produce an editorial photoshoot that portrays love without boundaries, beyond differences, and beyond looks; because after all, we don’t fall in love of the look, we fall in love of what’s behind that.


Each year Catalyst magazine holds a styled shoot competition where teams are given a mystery box and they have two weeks to create a styled shoot with models and couples often unrepresented in the wedding media and the contents off the box.

Every member of our team for this shoot was very talented but very different in terms of style.

Our biggest challenge was to bring all these microvisions together in a cohesive way.

We didn’t have any preconceptions before receiving the box but we wanted to purposefully push our boundaries.


As soon as we saw the wrapping papers on our mystery box we were transported to the late 80s / early 90s.

All the textures, patterns and shapes brought us back to a time of bright makeup, Saved by the Bell, flashy clothes and fun music.

We wanted to make sure that these textures and patterns were seen throughout the shoot but with a modern, contemporary twist.

The bridal ensemble incorporated layered tulle, which was a statement in the early 90s, yet they were separates which is a more modern wedding trend.

The flowers were different sizes, colours and textures, and we incorporated elements such as curly sparkly strings.

The brides make up and hair was layered, and her eye shadow ad extensions added a pop of colour.

Each element was inspired by the vibrancy of the  invitation suite by Suite Smith.

Music of the era was an underlying vibe, which was emphasised by the use of records for place cards, ad the stationery design.

For extra food factor we used brightly decorated vegan doughnuts that were iced and decorated with bright fruits.


Shoot Vendors

Venue: Bar Marco Pittsburgh

Photographer: Sandrachile assisted by Jenni Grace

Contest Organizers: Catalyst Wedding Co

Mystery Box Items: Curated by Color Pop Events

Planning: Devoted To You

Dress: Kata Banko Couture

Shoes: Cinderella of Boston 

Accessories: Rosey West

Groom’s Wardrobe:The Groomsman Suit and Neck Tie: Becoming

Flowers: LeafHopper Designs

Stationery & Paper Goods: Fresh Cut Prints

Paper Inspiration: Suite Smith Design 

Acrylic Name Tags: California Lustre 

Confetti: The Confetti Bar

Hair and Makeup: Colton Delong

Edibles: Relish Co

Models: Kimmy Johnson and Jeffrey Robert



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