Modern minimalistic Wedding Inspiration with striking silver and black detail

Today I am thrilled to share some modern minimalistic Wedding Inspiration with striking silver and black detail, and a couple that smash societies barrier on age.

The vision of the shoot was to let people know that everyone regardless of age, gender, race or disabilities can get married, and the shoot is designed to be inspirational, aspirational, inclusive and representative of that.

Images were captured by Angie & Marko Photography with the collaboration of a fabulous creative team at Haus 820.


Age discrimination is toxic, and no-one wants to feel belittled, ignored or invisible because of a number, especially as a Bride or Groom.

We talk so much about inclusivity in the Wedding Industry, and that is so incredibly important with everyone’s rights being respected.

What there is little talk of is about the more mature of us getting wed, and how the experience of the older Bride / couple is inherently flawed..


Society has conditioned us that Weddings are just for couples of a certain age (under 35), and as such largely that is what is shown.

And, if age is mentioned its is usually a monotony of what older brides should wear with the arm solutions, bust solutions, waistline solutions, hemline and neckline solutions.

I say HELL NO to that!

There is no upper age limit to be a bride, and every bride wants the same enthusiasm from suppliers.

To feel insulted, to feel prejudice and discrimination because of societies attitude is wrong..

Style does not have an expiration date, and couples who have a few more Birthdays under their belt know what suits them, and what they like and they don’t need anyone to tell them how they should be.

They should not be denied the experiences that come with this special time because of the expectations, and bias of others.

This couple show us that with age comes wisdom and electric style and they both look fire!


For this reason, the team decided to create an minimalistic wedding inspiration shoot that would cater to the older couple whom our society has seemed to have forgotten about representing.

A lot of older couples happen to find love later in life after having spent most of their youth focusing on a career/passion or they just happened to have met the one later in life or that couple who is celebrating their 50th anniversary with a vow renewal.

These couples are fed up with browsing blogs and picking up magazines that are only filled with youthful brides and where they cannot see someone who they can relate to.

This is the reason why for this wedding inspiration we wanted to create something that would target this forgotten demographic.

We wanted to showcase elegance with a modern minimalistic minimalistic Wedding approach.

In our opinion, less is more and the look of minimalism is totally in trend for right now and beyond.

Our mature couple are the epitome of fashion when you look at the people who currently rule the high fashion world they are people in the same age bracket as our couple and I bet you they too get married and would dream of a wedding that is not only chic but elegant just as the one we created for this shoot.

Remember couples with a few more Birthdays like to have fun, and they also want to be able to find inspiration for their celebrations.

Shoot Vendors

Venue: Haus 820

Photographer / Creative Concept: Angie & Marko Photography

Planner/Day of Coordinator: MoChar Events & Design

Gown: The White Closet Bridal Company

Grooms Wear: OppoSuits

Hair Stylist: Misti Blu Day McDermott

Makeup Artist: Nikki Kelly

Florist: Fern and Curl Designs

Cake: Sweet Miss V’s

Table Linen: Olivia Jade Event Linen Rentals

Mobile Bar: The Sippin’ Sidecar Mobile Bar

Model Bride: Barbara Bale / Groom: Thirl Hupp


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