Striking Pagan Wedding inspiration channelling nature and goddess symbolism

Today I am thrilled to  share striking Pagan Wedding inspiration channelling nature and goddess symbolism as well as a nod to modern to the regal in an area renowned for its pagan ritual roots.

Images were captured by Nicki Komorowski Photography with the collaboration of a fabulous creative team.

The abandoned outbuildings of Great Betley Farmhouse provided a magnificent backdrop, and also that of the views out to Chanctonbury Ring, a prehistoric hill fort atop Chanctonbury Hill on the South Downs, West Sussex.

A ridgeway, now part of the South Downs Way, runs along atop the hill.

It forms part of an ensemble of associated historical features created over a span of more than 2,000 years, including round barrows dating from the Bronze Age to the Saxon periods and dykes dating from the Iron Age and Roman periods.

Dark moody tones merged with bright, vibrant bursts of colour made the colour palette & look of this shoot really unusual.

Using willow structures as an altar, intricate detailing such as bundled herbs, a lavender chandelier and favours, candles indicating spirituality, a wooden throne and real weapons for a warrior queen and her warrior King the shoot achieved its unique look.

There was also a focus on eco-conscious styling through the stationery and place mats made from recycled paper and dried flowers/leaves to give the allure of being worshipful of nature.

The Triple Goddess Symbol is a pagan symbol said to represent the powers of the inner women, and  this symbol was important to the energy of the styling.

The Maiden, the Mother, and the Crone as the waxing, full, and waning moon. It empowers feminine energy, mystery and psychic abilities.

This symbol still can be seen used today on crowns or other head pieces, particularly worn by Priestesses and within the shoot it was used both in the striking black cake by Cakes in Bloom and jewellery by Sam Ryde Jewellery.

Even the attire was fierce with our Bride in a stunning  lace and chiffon dress with a feather trimmed cloak by The Robing Room complimented by make up by Lara James and  hair by Tea and Trim.

For the catering a Vegan platter by Bay Tree Foods signified the importance of the earth and respect for animals.

While this pagan wedding shoot gives extremes of theme more couples are wanting to create something different on their wedding days.

The shoot therefore gives suggestion for touches that could be implemented wedding day with some fantastic examples of outdoor wedding ceremonies, hand fasting rituals & a wedding vibe that’s more connected to nature & the wilderness.

Take a look at the film by Luke Batchelor Productions

Shoot Vendors

Photography and Styling:  Nicki Komorowski Photography 

Venue: Great Betley Farmhouse

Film: Luke Batchelor Productions

Dress (plus cape and waistcoat): The Robing Room 

Flowers: Just Peachy Florists 

Make-up: Lara James 

Hair: Tea and Trim

Headpiece / campervan decoration / chandelier / placemats: Daisy Chain Lane

Invitations: Wedding Calligraphy by Rach

Vegan Graze Platter:  Bay Tree Foods

Cake: Cakes in Bloom

Jewellery:  Sam Ryde Jewellery

Celebrant: Days To Remember

Campervan and Photo Booth Rail: Bus and Bug Vintage Weddings

Willow Sculpture: Nikki

Bride: Honey Edwards and Groom: Johnny Aylward


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