The Golden Years ~ Strength, Love and Commitment in Marriage

Today I want to celebrate commitment, and the power of love and strength that helps couples maintain the intimacy, connectedness, empathy, and feelings of security and inner peace through from those first days of a relationship to the golden years.

What that means in a marriage is where you are each other’s partners in life, you are your own tag team & support.

You share a common understanding and respect and a love that can defy anything, meaning you have a 100% commitment to each other with no regrets of what could have, should have or would have been.

Today’s couples are the embodiment of however hard the journey they faced it together.

Images were captured by Yessica Baur.

commitment - yessica baur photography

Yessica Baur is a Wedding Photographer who specialises in capturing natural, authentic, emotional and passionate documentary wedding photography In Tübingen, Stuttgart,


She says of the shoot…

How much the heart rises when we see a loving old couple who are still happy after so many years!

And if we are honest, then everyone wants to be happy with their partner after such a long time.

In the present time it has unfortunately become normal that there are constantly changing partners, a marriage that lasts for a long time has unfortunately become rather rare.

How many times have we heard from our grandparents that in the past everything was just better.

And sometimes, I think so too, because a lot has changed.

When a relationship becomes difficult, you throw it in the corner and try the next, you run from one disaster to the next without understanding that a relationship is not always pretty.

And let’s be honest, yeah it’s easy, if it’s going to be a bad thing to give up, rather than keep going.

Unfortunately, our generation don’t often even try to go the distance anymore.

This topic has moved me for a long time and I was wondering what it feels like to really go through thick and thin together.

This is how the idea for this wonderful shoot emerged. It is always easy to open the magazines and see the beautiful young, attractive bridal couples.

But what about after 50 years of marriage?

commitment - yessica baur photography

Have you seen couples as happy as these two great couples we had here in front of the lens?

What a wonderful, touching and funny shoot with the older guys. There have been moments that have touched me so much.

Their contact with each other, the love that you felt between the couple sand the humour that they have not lost today.

Julius & Irene have been married for 59 years and both were raised as Christian.

Therefore, the sentence, in good times and in bad, was for the two top priority.

They had common goals and shared decisions. To build a house & to raise children.

Her recipe for a happy marriage is to forgive one another, trust each other, accept each other’s opinions, and make decisions together.

Nellia and Dietmar have been married for 48 years.

They had to marry to rent an apartment – even though they had a child together and she was pregnant again.

They had no money, so there was only a small civil wedding and there were no wedding rings. That’s why they later had tattoos made as a substitute for wedding rings.

They, too, believe that the recipe for a happy marriage is common interests, humour, honesty and respect for each other, and not giving up on problems immediately.

Nellia and Dietmar are passionate dancers and big fans of the 50s.

They give rockabilly dance workshops together and participate in competitions.

commitment - yessica baur photography commitment - yessica baur photography

I completely agree with Yessica….

Marriage is a huge commitment, and a huge change in any persons life, its most definItely much more than the Wedding which is just an occasion.

It means being there for each other after all the initial lovey dovey honeymoon period has passed by, and life happens.

It means finding common ground whilst nourishing each others individuality, but being supportive of each other at the same time.

Life can be tremendously hard sometimes and throw an unlimited number of situations into the mix – family problems, job issues, financial instability, illness, bereavement and sometimes walking away seems the easiest thing.

All too often too we hear stories of people snatched away in the prime of their lives who don’t get the chance to celebrate their golden years together.

Life in that instance isn’t fair at all so we owe it to ourselves and we owe it to love to try to make our special people feel special every single day even when its really really hard.

I’m not niave enough to see that it can happen with everyone, sometimes relationships just aren’t right and can’t be saved, however its a really beautiful thought to be one of those couples that endure through hardship and whose love grows and strengthens through time.


Shoot Vendors

Location: Staudengärtnerei Erika Jantzen

Photo: Yessica Baur Photography

Hair and Make Up: Ramona Reuter – Hair & Make Up Artist

Floristry & Decoration : Blumencafe Vergissmeinnicht

Label: Momento unico / kuessdiebraut

Stationery: KreativWorks

Wedding Cake : Cake Styling

Car Rental: Timeless66

Model: Julis & Irene, Nellia & Dietmar


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