“The Warmth of Spring” ~ a beautiful styled Spanish Bridal Shoot

Today I am thrilled to share this beautiful styled Spanish bridal shoot encapsulating the warmth of spring.

Images were captured  by Alla Yachkulo with co-ordination by Natalia Ortiz Weddings and Events.

Natalia says of the shoot…


The panoramic view from the setting of the shoot is captivating and the charm of it lies in the finest combination of greenery, miscellaneous buildings and light illumination.

The images bring you into touch with the history a little bit, let you feel the calm atmosphere of wedding in Spain.

Digging deeper into the history of the region, we find out that Toledo used to be one of the residences for the kings of Castilla and until today it stays a religious centre. with own cultural background.

The bride herself represents the ultimate unity with nature, for every element and infinitesimal detail of her image fully depicts and proves it: the bouquet with multicoloured and fragile flowers created by talented Arbolande florists, the tender wreath with numerous green leaves and blossom follows  with the same colour pattern.

The interior of Viñedos Cigarral Santa María in the small town of Toledo is impressive, everything there is made of wood intertwined with saturated green leaves, and the Brides stunning white gown from GarciaBonilla creates a certain degree of contrast and clarity.

Beautiful natural make up with just a touch of sparkling lipstick, and a simple chic hairdo were created by MUAH Lola Blume and the stunning celebration cake, strinkingly white with green elements to garnish was made by Veselovckaya.

Modern buildings with elegant style surround the whole area, numberless symmetric trees which emerge from one spot to another, fascinating statues and wooden interior create a well-remembered effect which lasts for a long time.

The carefully designed aesthetics of weddings help to bring out the personality of a couple.

The story of the bride and groom, their dreams, aspirations, artistic taste, nature, lifestyle.

The details, even the smallest ones, form a whole, complete the picture, shape the atmosphere of the celebration, produce the right impression on the guests, give them a proper mood and create a condition for creating beautiful memories

The wedding style is expressed in every detail. And it’s not just about decor and floristry. the colour palette, the choice of dishes for the banquet and their design, ~ sounds, smells, lighting, music are all important elements of style that cannot be neglected.



Shoot Vendors

Venue: Viñedos Cigarral Santa María.

Photography: Buenas Photos

Wedding Planner: Weddings and Events by Natalia Ortiz

Flower: Arbolande

Stationery:  Studio Renne

Wedding dress: Jesus GarciaBonilla

MuaH: Lola Blume Make Up

Cake: Veselovckaya


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