Ying & Yang ~ Wedding styling with extremes of dark and light & a Halloween vibe

Today I am thrilled to share  a gorgeous styled shoot that focuses on Ying & Yang, and wedding styling with extremes of dark and light with a bit of a Halloween vibe.

Images were captured by Mike Weston of Maw Visuals with the collaboration of some fabulous creatives from the Isle of Wight.

Styled shoots are a wonderful way of allowing us to keep the creative juices flowing in these strange times.

With weddings being postponed daily we decided to keep ideas alive until we can start doing the real thing again.

Proper Vintage IOW had recently commissioned Why Knot IW to make a large macrame backdrop and wanted to showcase it for couples to see, so planned and organised a fun Halloween shoot.

Enlisting the help of the Style Sisters, who loved the excuse to go all out with their creative ideas and expertise, they set about planning the details.

Emma, director of hair for Style Sisters had herself postponed her wedding and was very glad to be bride for the day so along with her twin sister Amy, who is a nail technician and they took on the modelling.


The vibe was ying/yang, extremes of dark and light with a Halloween twist, showing that you can have any style at weddings these days

In ancient Chinese philosophy Yīng Yáng can be described as “dark-bright”, “negative-positive”) and is a concept of dualism, describing how seemingly opposite or contrary forces may actually be complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they may give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.

These opposing forces in Weddings still come down to one final focus point… getting married.

This shoot showcases that however you express that in how you style yourself and your day is what makes you individual as a couple, and that in itself makes you unique.

It shouldn’t matter if you are crazy alternative or traditional – there is SO much pressure to be original and ‘unique’ in weddings now, and it turns what should be a day of fun and celebration into a competition of coolness & originality.

What matters is being true to yourself and what feels right for you.


The shoot was due to take place in the grounds of a family members house but rain tried to stop play.

However with the acquirement of a local barn venue the shoot was back on.

Mike Weston took charge of photography with Botanical Vintage supplying the white dress by Bibi Luxe, the black gown is the models own

The set was designed by Proper Vintage IOW with wedding styling including pretty florals.

Rich seasonal colours, pumpkins and gold tone props bring warmth to the styling against the stark edginess of the black and white and the earthiness of the venue, and create great inspiration for Autumnal and Halloween celebrations.

Shoot Vendors

Photography: Mike Weston – Maw Visuals

Hair and Makeup / Accessories:  Style Sisters

White dress: Bibi Luxe at Botanical Vintage / Black Dress: Models own

Macrame backdrop: Why Knot IW ( available at Proper Vintage IOW)

Wedding styling / Set design / Props / Florals / Creative Direction: Proper Vintage IOW


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