5 ways to suit up in style for the male Wedding guest

Today I share some useful advice on dressing with style with some helpful tips for the contemporary male wedding guest.

Finding the right look for the next Wedding or big event you attend need not be a stressful process.

Suits Direct walk you through the five essential mens suits that will help make sure you’re ready for any occasion, whatever the theme and regardless of the season.

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There are no shortage of colours, styles and combinations, including scope for mixing and matching…


1. The Classic Black Suit

First up we have the classic black suit, a timeless option that you can pull on at almost any wedding.

Pair with a black waistcoat and bowtie to add an extra layer of sophistication that would particularly suit an evening event.

As an alternative, experiment with a maroon or claret tie or layer with a lighter coloured waistcoat to add depth to your outfit.

wedding guest - mens suits - Suits Direct - black suit

2. The Charcoal Grey Suit

Grey is another adaptable option that you can complement with layers and colours.

A darker grey looks particularly well with a crimson shade if you’re adding a tie and pocket square, while lighter suits offer other options.

Match a lighter grey with a black tie and black shoe to craft a contemporary vibe or go with a brown shoe and a lighter pink or pale yellow tie and pocket square.

wedding guest - mens suits - Suits Direct - grey-suit

3. The Brown Suit

Brown suits are rising in popularity, too, and the wedding is a perfect platform for them.

Pair with a high-button waistcoat and black tie to create a style that is understated but which will still help any wedding guest stand out from the crowd.

Another option for the brown suit is swapping out your white shirt for a pale blue, or mix and match by adding a brown waistcoat to a black jacket and trouser.

wedding guest - mens suits - Suits Direct - brown suit

4. The Light Check Suit

If you’re seeking to craft a bolder style for you next martial appointment, consider the check; but remember that not all checks are alike.

A light check can help you maintain a smart, formal look with an elegant layer of detail.

In grey or blue, a light check can be paired with reds, pinks and yellows, and the outfit should be finished with a brown shoe.

wedding guest - mens suits - Suits Direct - light check suit

5. The Loud Check Suit

A louder check helps you pull together a more eye-catching outfit and usually features a white or coloured pattern over a blue or grey base.

A red or dark orange tie is a perfect partner for this style, but you could also try yellow shades, including mustard or gold if you’re feeling daring.

The check also gives you the chance to mix and match, so don’t be afraid to dip into your wardrobe and pair a checked jacket with a plain trouser.

wedding guest - mens suits - Suits Direct - loud check suit

These days most men take as much care over their appearance as women do.

Despite this fact, the media tend to focus a lot on the ladies but hopefully these tips help redress that imbalance a little to ensure that the boys look slick.

If you’re unsure about the colour or style to pack for your event getting advice from others (both professional, and family and friends) on what really suits you is key.

Standing out of the crowd is no bad thing, and certainly not something to shy away from, but by getting a sense of the vibe the Bride and Groom are going for in their Big Day you can craft a wedding guest look that’s picture perfect.

Ultimately, the most important aspect when choosing your suit is to feel comfortable, as well as looking stylish and suave.


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