7 of the Best Live Bands for Any Style of Wedding

When you’re planning a wedding, it seems like the decisions are endless.

Religious or civil. Traditional or contemporary. This venue or that. Indoors or out. The theme. The rings. The dress. The food. The drink. The people. The numbers. The cost. The transport. The seating plan. And yes, the entertainment.

There are so many different types of entertainment available for weddings these days, it can be really difficult to choose.

To help you narrow it down, Earcandy present seven of the best live bands for hire to suit all different styles of wedding and to bring your wedding to life…


1930s Vintage – King of the Swingers

The 1930s were an era of art deco, elegance, and enormous pizazz, and music was swinging.

The saxophone was the herald and the crooner was the king, and King of the Swingers brings the unadulterated cooool of that period effortlessly back to life.

Toe-tapping, bass-slapping, ivory-tinkling. These guys will bring unforgettable style to your big day.

Motown – Motown Gold

Leap forward a few decades to the late 1950s and ‘60s.

A fresh new sound was spilling across the airwaves from America; it was smooth; it was soulful; it was a little bit funky; and it produced some of the most popular songs still played today.

Motown Gold take all of the energy, soul and charisma of those early Motown pioneers, inject it with a contemporary twist that makes every song their own and deliver a performance that will get every one of your guests on the dancefloor – whether they intended to be there or not!

Indie – Indieheads

Were you a child of the 90s or 00s? Did you wear coloured Doc Martens, with the laces half undone?

Were you a bloke experimenting with eye-liner a la Suede, or a girl wearing skousers, moshing along to Blur?

Well, whooo-hoooo! The Indieheads are the band for you.

With Tigger-ish bouncing energy and enthusiasm, they will celebrate your wedding the indie way; with thrashing guitars and a playlist that will take you from The Arctic Monkeys to The Undertones.

Retro Soul – Soul Fresh 

If you’re looking for the smooth sounds of soul, with a mix of funk and R&B, then Soul Fresh have to be the ones for you.

With male and female vocals, amazing harmonies, and tracks – both classic and contemporary – that will make your guests get up and moving, this seven-piece sensation will bring groooove to your reception.

What’s more, if you’re working with a smaller, more intimate venue, or somewhere concerned about the noise associated with live music, these guys also perform as a frontline, with recorded backing tracks – it’s a perfect compromise between live music and volume.

Girl Power – Black & Gold

Have you ever noticed how many wedding singers are men? This glittering group redresses that balance, bringing woman-power to the mic.

With a playlist spanning 50 years, Black & Gold specialise in those up-lifting, belt-em-out ballads, and fast and furious female hits that turn a gathering into a party.

Performing completely live – no backing tracks or pre-recorded vocals – they will bring the house down on your special day, with a playlist selected just for you.

Intimate – Acoustic

If you’re looking for an act to bring atmosphere to your reception, without drowning out the conversation, Earcandy’s acoustic performers can bring character, warmth and joy to your celebrations.

Their skilful vocals and musicianship rival any live performance you’ll ever see, but they don’t need to shout for your attention.

With a varied playlist, there’s plenty of opportunity to take to the dancefloor, but they really don’t need to steal the show.

Crowd Pleasers – The Somebodys

If your idea of a great wedding reception is one where everyone, from your 2-year-old nephew to his 98-year-old granny – get up and dance, then The Somebodys will be right up your street.

Performing hits from the 1950s to the ‘90s, their repertoire contains something for every taste, and that’s pretty valuable when you’re catering for a varied audience.

And if you want something really special, ask to hear their mashups – they’ll certainly get your guests talking, both on the night and for many years after.


Choosing wedding entertainment is a tricky thing because you want to please everyone. The thing is, you will probably never be able to do that.

But if you choose professional musicians who will perform the music that you love, with a style and panache that will bring atmosphere and joy to your celebrations, you’ll be more than halfway there. And that is a great place to start!


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