A Contemporary Twist on Traditional Kilt Pins from Islay Spalding Kilt Pins

Today I am thrilled to share this striking and contemporary twist on traditional Kilt Pins from Islay Spalding Kilt Pins.

As the wedding plans come together, the venue is booked, the dress is chosen, hair and make-up has been practised – spare a thought for the guys.

In the rush to get plans perfected and the bride beautiful the Groom can get a little forgotten.

It’s time to make sure he feels the big day is his big day as much as yours, and what better way to do it than with a special gift.

Now, perfect gifts for your man are notoriously difficult to find but luckily Islay Spalding, Kilt Pin designer, has answered the prayers of all Scottish brides in the search for a wedding present for their kilted groom.


Wedding - Rugby Ball Kilt Pin, islay spalding kilt pins,  contemporary kilt pins


I chatted with Islay about her company and how she works with clients to make Kilt Pins with personal meanings that last forever, full of memories of their Wedding Day.


First off, what is a Kilt Pin?

“That little silver accessory on the corner of a kilt is a Kilt Pin!”

“It is attached to the front apron of a kilt, it doesn’t actually pin the cloth together but it adds weight which means that the kilt doesn’t flap about.”

“It’s a decorative piece which gives the boys a chance to have a little bling!”

“I think it’s fair enough when the girls are getting all sorts of fabulous wedding things that the boys have something special.”

“A unique and unusual Kilt Pin really makes a statement, it looks great in photographs and it’s something guys will get out for future weddings and ceilidhs.”


Sounds like something every Groom would love to have on their kilt, how do you go about the design process?

“Clients usually email me and if their lucky enough to live in Dundee we can meet for a chat.”

“If not then we discuss ideas by phone or email. I’ve had customers from all over the world – it’s exciting that we can build connection with people from all over.”

“Once we’ve had an initial discussion I draw up some option and then the client can choose between them.”

“People love being involved in the design process as it makes the end product even more special.”

“I also use Instagram and Facebook a lot to give an insight into the making process and what goes on in the workshop.”


Where do you take inspiration from?

“I’m inspired a lot by the Scottish landscape, I love working with maps, contour lines, landmark buildings and Scottish plants and animals.”

“When I design for clients I take a lot of inspiration from them – their favourite places, hobbies, initials, whatever is special to them.”

“Then I incorporate these elements together in my artistic style and we always come out with a totally unique design that everyone is happy with.”


What’s next for your business?

“We’re getting more commissions than ever before which is really exciting.”

“It never gets boring because I’m always meeting new people and everyone has different ideas.”

“At the moment we are working on a range of Kilt Pins which have a standard design with personalisable element such as initials and Date Notches (my signature way of using a series of Notches and Lines to write the date of a wedding on a Kilt Pin – it’s a touching secret meaning for those in the know and a beautiful design feature to everyone else).”

“We’re also working with retailers to design kilt pins specifically for them and their customers.”

“There is loads of interesting things going on but designing beautiful, bespoke Kilt Pins for customers will always be at the heart of the business.”


BATMAN kilt pin, contemporary kilt pin, islay spalding kilt pins

SAILSBURY CRAGS kilt pin, contemporary kilt pin, islay spalding kilt pins

SALMON-KP, islay spalding kilt pins, contemporary kilt pins


St Andrews Abbey Ruins kilt pin, contemporary kilt pin, islay spalding kilt pin


I love Islays ethos of marrying up  ‘tradition’ with contemporary design and create something that has the symbolism and timeless appeal of traditional Scottish highlandwear but with a fresh, modern approach.

This bring something beautiful and personal but still inherently Scottish and traditional bang up to date and perfect for modern Grooms.


To see more Kilt Pins that Islay has designed and made and for more information about ordering your own…


Website: http://www.islayspalding.co.uk

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KiltPins and https://www.facebook.com/islayspalding.jewellery

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