A Honeymoon Gift List and the heart of what they do‏

You know that quandry when you’ve been living together as a couple for a while but have decided to make things more formal then the subject of the gift list rears its head, and you go aaargh…

You have the linens, the homeware, the electrical gizmos and enough towels to stock a hotel and would really rather prefer something a wee bit different from those kind enough to buy you a gift to celebrate your union.


But how do you broach that ?…


Today I am thrilled to welcome Andrew and Shelley from Buy our Honeymoon with a wee bit of advice…


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“Here’s the thing: there’s a long-established social convention that people coming to your wedding are going to want to give you a gift.”

“For your part, though, you’ve been together as a couple for ages.”

“You’re already independent people in the world; you’re not just starting a new home together for the first time. You’ve got stuff already, maybe more than you need.

“So while of course you’d be sincerely grateful for anything you were given, you might not especially want gifts. Or at least not more things for your home.”

“At the same time, weddings in general are expensive, and your own wedding might not leave you much in the way of funds for your honeymoon.”

“If we’re being honest, the most helpful gift you could receive is some money towards that.”


“The trouble is, just cash — a number on a bit of paper — isn’t particularly romantic.”

“Sure, you might have some guests that view wedding gifts as simply an obligation to fulfil.”

“You might have others that’ll come up with something entirely original regardless.”

“But for most, although they’ll want to give you something that they know you’ll like, they’ll want it to be something they can name. Something memorable. Something more than just a number.”

“And they’ll probably expect you to have a gift list, not to demand, but to gently steer them in the right direction.”

“That’s where we come in.”


buy our honeymoon, honeymoon registry, honeymoon gift list


“The Buy Our Honeymoon service is designed to bring these two worlds together in a way that makes everyone happy.”

You get the valuable help towards your honeymoon expenses, your guests get to choose a gift that can mean something to them.”

“What’s truly brilliant is that a honeymoon gift list can work better than a traditional registry.”

“More engaging, more personal, more fun. Frankly, it’s so much easier to emotionally invest in a gift of gelato in Rome than a set of matching dessert spoons for your drawer.”

“In fact, guests can often become quite protective of their gifts, and genuinely attached to the idea they’ve chosen.”

“We sometimes get calls from guests just double-checking that no-one else can snatch the gift they’ve reserved.”

“That helicopter tour’s got my name on it — hands off!” Well, you don’t get that with eggcups.”


“We built Buy Our Honeymoon to make the practical bits easy, and the romantic bits obvious.”

“It’s a polite way of asking for contributions towards your honeymoon, and a meaningful way for guests to give them.”

“It’s not the same as an inventory of brands, quantities and costs. Your guests aren’t giving you stuff, and they’re not giving you just cash either; they’re giving you memories.”

“Understanding that is the heart of what we do.”


Thanks so much to Andrew and Shelley for sharing their honeymoon gift list wisdom…

Just how important is what they do..

You can buy new blenders and bowls but you can’t buy memories, and what an amazing opportunity for your wedding guests to help you realise your dreams.


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    This is actually the first time I’ve heard about Buy Our Honeymoon honestly what a fantastic idea! Not only is this helpful but makes a honeymoon all that more special and saves the hassle of having to ebay the 3 kettles you received!

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