A Passion for Cake – Bespoke Wedding Cake from The Vanilla Pod Bakery

There is nothing quite like good cake, and today I am delighted to feature The Vanilla Pod Bakery who specialise in Wedding Cake Design.

Based in Cheltenham, the Vanilla Pod Bakery was born out of a passion for creating delicious cakes that put a smile on people’s faces.


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From earliest baking memories of making scones in her childhood kitchen at the tender age of 7, and helping her father to bake jam tarts on lazy Sunday afternoons, Pia Cato has loved to bake… and she tells us a wee bit about herself and her Business….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Pia, and I am a Wedding Cake Designer.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“I started The Vanilla Pod Bakery in 2009 after winning a university business planning competition with my idea for a tea rooms which specialised in cupcakes.”

“I started the business as soon as I graduated, and started selling cupcakes on farmers market stalls and at events in order to raise funds to start the tea rooms.”

“But I soon found that I loved making bespoke cakes to order, especially wedding cakes.”

“The business now solely works in the wedding industry, creating wedding cakes and host cupcake decorating hen parties.”


What inspires you?

“Everythinginspires me!”

“I grow up surrounded by antiques (as my parents are antique dealers) and the beautiful furniture has certainly inspired me.”

“I now live and work in regency Cheltenham and feel so lucky to have all the gorgeous architecture to take ideas from.”

“The latest fashion trends are also a huge inspiration.”

“My favourite wedding cake at the moment is the Mary Berry cake or in other words, the naked or exposed cake.”

“It is proving very popular with my clients too.”

“The cake is finished with a thin layer of buttercream and an abundance of fresh fruit.”

“One of the wedding venues we regularly deliver to named the cake, and I thought it was perfect as it is a classic English just like Mary Berry”


Do trends influence your work?

“Definitely. A lot of my brides & grooms come with firm ideas of what they want and you see trends forming for that.”

“But it is also nice when the couples are now sure and you can work with them to create their perfect wedding cake.”

“You can’t help but work with the trends. Fashion affect everything. When I was a child my dream was to be a fashion designer!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“I have a few;

“My first was winning the university business planning competition.”

“My second setting up the Vanilla Pod Bakery while suffering from M.E (I feel that I finally over come the illness now, after suffering from it for 14 years).”

“My third being invited to Buckingham Palace to meet Prince Andrew.”

“That was very exciting, I even brought a box of my cupcakes for Prince Andrew – so now I can say as eaten by the Royal Family.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I see the Vanilla Pod Bakery creating more bespoke wedding cakes.”

“I love the fact that a cake pays such an important part in wedding and I love creating a cake that compliments a couples special day, I love the romance and excitement of weddings.”

“It is a lovely and happy industry to work within.”



cupcakes, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

new york inspired cake, bespoke wedding cake, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

giant cupcake, cupcakes, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

naked cake, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

bespoke wedding cake, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

Wedding cake  -  Chocolate, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

Wedding cake , Hyde Barn, the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham

Wedding Cake - Old Swan and Minster Mill , the vanilla pod bakery cheltenham


Thank you so much to Pia for sharing her story, her creativity and lovely Wedding Cake designs.

As well as bespoke Wedding Cakes, Pi also hosts fun filled Hen Party Cake Decorating Experiences and Cupcake and Cake Decorating Classes.


To Contact The Vanilla Pod Bakery

Website:  http://www.vanillapodbakery.com/

Email: enquiry@vanillapodbakery.com

Phone: 07828 668932

Blog: http://www.vanillapodbakery.blogspot.co.uk/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vanillapodbakery

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vanillapodchelt

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/vanillapodchelt/


Photo Credit: Main Image – Courtesy of Big Eye Photography


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