A Wedding as Individual as You from Wedding in a Teacup

Today I am excited to introduce the fabulousness that is Wedding in a Teacup, an amazing online boutique whose mission is to help ensure your Wedding is as individual as you are.

Wedding in a Teacup holds an array of handmade items and fabulous finds to help you create your own unique and beautiful wedding day.



I had a chat with the lovely Hester who owns Wedding in a Teacup to find out about her blossoming empire,


Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello! I’m Hester, founder, boss and (usually) hard worker at Wedding in a Teacup, an online wedding boutique for brides who want weddings away from the mainstream.

We sell just about everything apart from the cake, the dress and the ring.

We’re all about encouraging brides to create their own individual look for the day, helped by the quality products that we offer – both bespoke and sought out and selected.

If it’s on our site, we love it – and we try to show all the different ways it can be used and put together with our photo shoots, features and blogs.

We hope the site works both as a shop window front and an ideas magazine. It’s constantly evolving – we’ve recently created an ‘Inspire Me’ section with this in mind.


Why, and when did you start Wedding in a Teacup?

That’s easy! Wedding in a Teacup was launched about a year and a half ago, about 10 months after the man I love suddenly proposed on a trip to New Zealand. I swore, then squawked ‘yes!’ – and then we agreed to tie the knot in only four months’ time.

It was my fairly grim experience trawling the web for beautiful nuptial stuff that made me think – how great if all the good stuff was under one roof?

I was working as a buyer in the fashion industry at the time, so I had quite a bit experience of how to make the infrastructure work. And I’ve loved every minute since!


What values drive you at Wedding in a Teacup?

Giving good customer service is crucial. Brides are special – treat them with care!

I listen – and really try to go the extra mile to give good service. We wrap our stuff like presents before we send them out, because wedding goodies are emotional.

As far as possible I wanted an ethical site – no sweatshops! – and one that takes care of the environment – I order recycled and natural products whenever I can.

We’re big on DIY – like the hen night, it brings everyone together before the day and helps promote harmony!

And we have a Teacup Tradition of reusing items, too – we hate the idea that wedding decorations all end up as landfill, it’s a waste of money and time.

Buy quality – a pair of gorgeous wooden hearts or a set of twinkly tea-light holders –  and let it enhance your home afterwards. A daily reminder of your wedding day!


Do trends influence the products you stock?

To the extent that I’m always on the look out for fresh new ideas, they can do.

For example, I love the new decorative paper tassels that are appearing, and I’m currently sourcing some great ones for the site, but I would never feature something that I disliked just because it was in fashion.

One of the things I love most about brides today is that they’re doing their own thing and creating a wedding that reflects them as a couple – not blindly going with what is ‘in’ or not.

But if it’s ‘in’ and they like it, then great!

Wedding in a Teacup is naturally a reflection of my style and what I love, and I hope brides who share my taste will buy from me. I don’t expect, or try, to appeal to everyone.


What do you see as the future of Wedding in a Teacup?

Consolidation – then expansion! It’s grown so much faster than I ever dreamed it would, I sometimes feel I’m running just to keep still right now.

I’m hoping a PR expert will join me soon, so we can divide up tasks and spread our wings a bit!

I spent a scarily (because unpaid) long time getting the foundations just as I wanted for Wedding in a Teacup – now I want to build higher on those foundations, and I can’t wait!



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Thanks so much to Hester for sharing just a glimpse into her beautiful boutique and stunning products.

I think my very favourite product has to be the Owl always love you  wedding stationery, so pretty.



To Contact Wedding in a Teacup

Website: http://www.weddinginateacup.co.uk

Phone:  01273 933 134

Email: hello@weddinginateacup.co.uk

Address: 9-10 Jew Street, Brighton, BN1 1UT

Blog: http://www.weddinginateacup.co.uk/blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/weddinginateacup

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TeacupWedding


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