Abeonas Garden ~ Luxury bridal couture gowns from Hermione De Paula

Today I am excited to share Abeonas Garden, a new collection of Luxury bridal couture gowns from Hermione De Paula.

Images are by Alistair Vlok, and the gowns captured on location in South Africa have a certain ethereal elegance that enchants you.

Hermione de Paula embodies a world in which unparalleled handcraft, exquisite art and the creation of wonderful memories meet.

Made by heart and hand each wedding dress is a piece of art. This is a unique dress you will cherish and we will cherish making with you.

They create luxury bridal couture gowns, lingerie and swimwear with skilled artisans and celebrate their craftsmanship so their fabrics and processes are of the highest quality.

They also don’t want to contribute more waste to the world than is needed so only make to order which ensures quality and environmental respect at every stage.

HdeP wedding dresses are a true luxury in a world of fast fashion.


Inspired by Abeona the Roman goddess who protects travellers as they start out on new journeys, children as they take their first steps and all of us as we embrace the opportunity of the unknown Hermione is very excited to present her new collection.

Delicate floral prints intertwine with exquisite embroidery as the boundaries between the aisle, red carpet and desert disappear.

Always looking to challenge preconceptions which dictate how and when we can experience joy for the old or love of the new Hermione’s collection dares you to decide.

Never let another chose how you experience yourself.

Shoot Credits

Photography: Alistair Vlok

Art Direction: Alistair Vlok and Hermione de Paula

Styling & Gowns: Hermione de Paula

Bespoke Crowns and Hair Jewellery: Christopher Thompson-Royds x Hermione de Paula

Bespoke Shoes: House of Cinnamon x Hermione de Paula

Styling Assistant: Georgina Rawden

Make up and Hair: Natasha Papadopoulos @ Supernova Creative Management

Make up and Hair Assistant: Genée Leonard

Camera Assistant: Robin BernsteinCape Collective Assist

Lighting Assistant: Ruan van JaarsveldtCape Collective Assist

Production Manager: Raymond Elder @ 1st Productions – Cape Town

Models: Kayla Hansen / Caitlin Brouckaert / Shannon Phillips @ Boss Models – Cape Town

Model Kids: Mabli and Lona Parks

Special thanks to HdeP Creative Team: Lucy Lee / Katie Parker and Rebecca Robertson


To Contact Hermione De Paula

Website: https://www.hermionedepaula.com/

Email: bespoke@hermionedepaula.com

Phone: 0208 802 1444

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter  Pinterest  Instagram


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