Alternative Bouquets, Accessories & Decorations for the Non Traditional Bride by Jamball Creations

Today I am really excited to spotlight on  the incredible work and alternative bouquets and decorations of Jamball Creations.

Jaime and Pete Ball’s vintage button and felt creations make weddings more unique and handmade with an array of awesomeness that includes bouquets, lapel corsages,wrist corsages, hair corsages, wishing trees, table decorations and garlands.


rainbow-bouquet, babb-photo, alternative bouquets, bridal accessories, wedding decorations
Rainbow Bouquet – Image by Babb Photo –


I hand over to the team to tell their story…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello we are jamball creations – a husband and wife team of Pete and Jaime Ball.”

“We are based here in the UK and totally devoted to creating the exclusively designed bouquet of your dreams.”

“If your looking for  alternative bouquets and decorations for your wedding day, check out our selection of innovative and quirky designs.”


doctor-who-bouquet, alternative-bouquet, jamball creations
Dr Who Bouquet


When and why did you start your Company?

“Everything started with Jaimes Grandma’s button tin and wanting something of her to be with us on our wedding day back in 2008.”

“She was a funny/crazy/full of life/party animal but passed away a few years before we managed to tie the knot.”

“Our idea was to make button trees to put on every table so she’d be with every guest and this developed into making a corsage for every single guest.”

“We made over 150 simple felt and button corsages, nine button ball vases, made all the place mats/names and made a wedding tree of buttons for people to sign on the day.”

“Jaime’s bouquet was a very simple purple felt and button number and her sister had a smaller felt and button posy.”

“We’re both very crafty and wanted to make as much as we could for our own wedding.”

“We had a great day and so did all our guests – a few of which started us making alternative bouquets and corsages for their weddings and so Jamball started.”


woodland-bouquet, dj-archer-photo, alternative bouquets, jamball creations
Woodland Bouquet – DJ Archer Photography –


What makes you unique?

“We are unique because our clients are unique and they are our designers.”

“We hand cut all our felts, use only vintage buttons & beads or we can make bouquets specifically to your desire.”

“You want tattoo’s – no problem, you want superhero’s – we’re there for you, you want dog tags, ice-creams, dragonflies mixed up with a bit of bling – we’ve got it covered.”

“The client is the designer and everything they dream of we’ll put together for their bouquet.”

“Our most unique feature is that our bouquets are free standing which means our bouquets can be displayed anywhere without the fuss of finding a matching vase.”


yellow-Submarine-bouquet, beatles bouquet, Jamball Creations, alternative bouquets
Yellow Submarine/Beatles Bouquet


What is your greatest achievement?

“We consider our marriage as our greatest achievement.”

“Not only do we work on each order together but we would never even have started the business without getting married.”

“We made all our own bouquets and table decorations from felt and buttons.”

“We made a corsage for every guest that attended the wedding as a keepsake and even made giant robot corsage for the groom and bestman.”

“Without the encouragement we got from all our friends and family we would never even have considered starting “Jamball”


 Jacqui McSweeney Photography, alternative bouquets, colourful bouquet, jamball creations
Colourful Bouquet – Image by Jacqui McSweeney Photography –


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“As jamball gets more and more popular we are receiving more and more orders.”

“We are getting our new brides from past brides “bigging us up” on social media such as Facebook and twitter and this is great for us.”

“We only do one wedding fair a year which is “The Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza” in Birmingham as this is the only fair that seems to fit our unique style and is attended by lots of like minded brides.”

“As our notoriety gets bigger then we both hope to work at our Jamball business full-time and maybe attend more alternative or quirky wedding fairs.”

“Hopefully we’ll see you there”


rockabilly headband, camera hannah photography
Rockabilly Headband – Image by Camera Hannah –
Superhero-Buttonholes, Jamball Creations
Superhero Buttonholes
hair-garland, dj archer photography, jamball creations - alternative bouquets
Hair Garland – Image by DJ Archer Photography –
doctor-who-buttonholes, dr who lapel corsage , jamball creations
Dr Who Lapel Corsage/Buttonhole
Eclectic Wedding Extravaganza, Fazeley Studios, Birmingham March, peacock bouquet, Jay Emme Photography
Peacock Bouquet – Image by Jay Emme Photography –
lollipop wand, image by dj archer photography
Lolliopop Wand – Image by DJ Archer Photography –
skull headband, tux and tales photography, jamball creations
Skull Headband – Image by Tux and Tales Photography –


Thank you so much to Pete and Jaime for sharing their mindblowingly cool alternative bouquets.

There is no better day than your Wedding Day to do what you love and be a powderkeg of self expresssion.

Your celebration should be a celebration of what makes you YOU, and these amazing bouquets and accessories are the ultimate in personal and eclectic breaking free from constriction and the conventional.


To Contact Jamball



Phone:  0787 647 2209

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Image Credits: Babb Photo  DJ Archer Photography  Jacqui McSweeney Photography  Camera Hannah  Jay Emme Photography  Tux and Tales Photography


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