Artisan Cakes and personalised Cookies from Nila Holden

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on boutique bakery Nila Holden who create the most beautiful artisan Cakes and personalised Cookies for weddings, events and gifts.

Based in Bedfordshire the brand was launched in 2012.


nila-holden,artisan cakes, personalised cookies


Launched with the aim of offering something a little different, Nila Holden’s signature style combines romantic, whimsical floral designs with quirky lettering and beautifully styled packaging to create the perfect wedding favour or bridal gift.

From ‘Will You Be My Bridesmaids’ designs to thank you gifts for wedding guests, each piece is handmade with love from Nila Holden’s workshop located just outside of London and delivered on a daily basis to happy couples throughout the UK and abroad.

Nila Holden has quickly earned a reputation as one of the go-to cookie designers in the industry and an international following.

The bakery is a proud supplier to Fortnum & Mason and is regularly called upon to create one-off designs for high profile industry events and has even been commissioned by the Japanese Royal family.


nila-holden, artisan-cakes, personalised cookies


Inspired by literature, architecture and interior design, Nila’s love for history and heritage is evident through her designs and their subtle nod to vintage eras of times gone by.

Born in India and having spent spells in Valencia, Paris and the Loire Valley, Nila’s love of travelling and exploring new cultures is reflected through her evolving Bohemian inspired designs.

Predominantly self taught, Nila Holden has perfected her craft over the years learning tried and tested techniques such as stamping, stenciling and painting.

As a commitment to improving her skills, Nila carried out an internship at the world-renowned Peggy Porschen Academy, where she was able to learn first hand baking and decorating techniques from the best in the business.


Continuing this philosophy of sharing knowledge, now an established baker in her own right, Nila loves teaching others tips and tricks – often carrying out live demonstrations and sharing recipes and tutorials via her own baking blog.

With a focus on excellent customer service all Nila Holden cookies and cakes are made-to-order and each design is fully customisable.

The team work closely with customers – from painstakingly matching cookies with a colour scheme to hand stamping each guests name, Nila Holden’s philosophy of going above and beyond ensures a couples unique vision is fulfilled for their big day.


artisan cake, nila holden

personalised cookie, wedding cookie, nila holden

personalised cookies, nila holden

nila-holden, artisan-cookies, personalised cookies

nila-holden, artisan-cookies, personalised cookies

nila-holden, artisan-cookies, personalised cookies

nila-holden, artisan-cookies, personalised cookies

nila-holden, artisan-cookies, personalised cookies


Thank you to Nila for sharing her exquisite personalised cookies.

They are edible art in their own right, created with a little bit of magic, and would surely be the perfect accompaniment to the Bride and Grooms special day.


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