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Today I’m thrilled to spotlight on Heather of Cakes by Heather Jane, an award winning cake artist who creates the most artistic & creative wedding cakes.

She is based in Chatteris, Cambridgeshire.


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I hand over to Heather to tell you about her beautiful work….


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Heather, I’m a wife, mum of two, Accounts Manager, Member of the 1220 Air Cadets civilian committee and an International Gold Award winning cake artist.

My friends will know me as ‘the one who never stops’.

I love my day job, keeps the brain working and I have a Boss who is super supportive of my cake journey.

So much so he has a couple of display pieces in the office!

I also love the Air Cadets, being a member of the committee allows me to be involved and show an interest in my daughter’s development.

It is a wonderful organisation, especially our squadron, and they do so much for children it is an honour to be a part of it.

I specialise in wedding cakes, more unusual show-stopping ones!

I believe if a bride is going to pay for a wedding cake it not only has to taste good but it has to be a centre piece for the day.

After all the cutting of the cake is one of the ‘must have’ wedding photos in the wedding album!

I only ever do one wedding a week so that I can devote my entire focus to the one cake, when a bride books their cake in with me they are booking out a week, sometimes two in my diary.


When and why did you start your Company?

Back in 2011 I was on maternity leave after having my little boy and about a month after he was born my sister got married.

It was a low budget wedding with a lot on homemade input so I decided to make her a wedding cake as my contribution to the day.

It was only a single tier one, it was a small wedding and she had also bought a couple of cakes from a local supermarket which were fruit cake, so I thought a sponge cake would go down well with the children.

That when I tried my hand at Sugar Flowers. it was a red and white posy of roses and carnations.

I didn’t really know what I was doing, never even studied how to make them before, but I got a book out of the library and followed it!

The cake turned out really well and I was hooked!!

I then grabbed any opportunity I could to bake for friends and family to try out new skills and it snowballed from there turning into a mini business a year or so later.


What inspires you?

Anything and everything! There is inspiration everywhere, you just need to look.

I always talk to the Bride about her big day, the flowers, the décor, her dress and any ideas she may have about her cake.

I then use all these to try and put them together to create an original piece just for them.

I love nature, flowers and lace but also I’m a big steampunk fan!!


Do trends influence your work?

Indirectly I suppose – weddings in general follow trends, starting with the fashion of the bridal gowns and the ‘in’ colours of the year.

There was a big increase in lace when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were married.

The country style wedding has also become more popular in recent years I think.

I am also finding that brides are becoming bolder in their choices, using their wedding day to show who they are as a couple and to reflect their personalities.

The biggest example of  a bespoke wedding cake would have to be my underwater themed wedding cake.

The cake was actually designed by the groom himself. He drew a picture of what he would like to see on the cake and it was my job to realise his vision into sugar.

This was certainly NOT your ‘typical’ wedding cake.


What is your greatest achievement?

Apart from my gorgeous children?

It has to be the awards I have won at Squires Kitchen Exhibition, Cake International and Salon Culinaire.

I can’t pick one which is the greatest, they have all had their own challenges and their own rewards.

The most recent was last month when I won Gold and First Place in my category.

I am very proud of where I have come in such a very short space of time, being self taught involves a lot of studying and trial and error.

I am very lucky to have made some wonderful friends in the cake world who not only continue to inspire me but share their hints and tips along the way.


What do you see as the future of your Company?

My little boy goes to school full time in September which will allow me more time to develop my skills continue creating.

I would also love to be able to teach what I have learned to others.

There is not much in my area by way of classes so this is something I will definitely look into providing in the future.

I also want to continue to make show – stopping wedding cakes. There is something so special about being a part of a couple’s big day, it’s very heart-warming!

I have also just taken on a commission to produce the official cake for the 75th Anniversary Celebrations next year of the Air Cadets.

An absolute honour and one that I am really really looking forward to making. A small piece of Air Cadet history which I get to be a part of!












Thank you so much to Heather for sharing her incredible creations.

They aren’t just cake, they are works of art and its all the more amazing that she is self taught.

Love the creativity, and the evident attention to detail is baked right in to every wedding cake she commissions.


To Contact Cakes by Heather Jane



Phone: 07809 473 776





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