Autumnal petal confetti inspiration – add a touch of the season to your wedding

Autumn is beckoning even though we hang on to the last gasps of summer but today I welcome Shropshire Petals who share their autumnal petal confetti colour inspirations to make your day as colourful as the season.

Autumn is the season of rich, bold colours and including some of these colours on your wedding day can add warmth and glamour and there’s no better way to do this than to use natural petal confetti.

The throwing of confetti is a longstanding tradition, which is used to mark the union of a newly married couple; a wedding is not complete without the bride and groom being showered in confetti by their guests.

This Autumn choose from golden oranges, deep purples, browns and delicate greens to complement or contrast your wedding theme.

Shropshire Petals, pettal confetti



Berries are a sure sign of autumn with beautiful tones, and their rich red and purple colours are perfect for an autumn wedding.

Include a subtle hint of berry colours into your confetti with Pinch of Plum confetti.

This is a delicate mix of Icing Sugar delphinium petals and Marjoram creates a beautiful blend of ivory, green and purple.,  Pinch of Plum confetti, petal confetti, £11.50 per litre


For a bolder splash of colour, add some Damson Wine rose petals.,  Pinch of Plum with Damson Wine , £13.50 per litre, petal confetti


Earthy tones are wonderful as when you think of autumn, you think of trees changing from green to gold and brown.

Include a mix of all of these colours to make your confetti mix really stand out in your wedding photos by choosing a mix of ivory delphinium petals

with some stunning brown and gold sunflower petals and watch as it delicately falls onto the bride and groom.,  Chocolate Sunrise confetti, petal confetti, £11.50 per litre



Think about where you want to have your confetti moment.

If it is against a wall, add a bit more colour to your mix to ensure the petals really stand out.

A great colour combination would be ivory delphinium petals, orange calendula, black cornflower petals and Marjoram. , Pinch of Plum, Tuxedo and Ginger Snap, £66.50, petal confetti


Maximise your confetti by using it to decorate your reception tables; scatter petals on crisp, white tablecloths to give a sense of texture to your tables.

Evoke an extra touch of autumn to your wedding with wheat sheaves as they make great table decorations or bouquets.,  Country Garden Wheat Sheaf as bouquet, £27.50 , Highland Fling confetti, petal confetti, 11.50 per litre and Plain Wheat Sheaf



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