Beautiful artisan Wedding Cakes from Liggys Cake Company

Today I am delighted to spotlight on Liggys Cake Company,and their beautiful artisan Wedding Cakes.

The Brand has bases both in Edinburgh and Glasgow.


I hand over to Liggy to share her story, and tell you about her Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello, I’m Liggy Rennie, Director at Liggy’s Cake Company.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“I started the company back in 2008 from my parent’s kitchen when I left university.”

“I had a real passion for cakes and baking but also was excited by the prospect of running a business in such a creative industry.”

“It has just grown arms and legs since then as we now have 3 shops and a bakery, with a team of 11 talented staff.”

What inspires you?

“Our couples inspire me! We are lucky to work with people at a very happy time in their lives when they are planning their big day – this always inspires me to do a great job not just of the cake itself but also of the service they receive.”

Do trends influence your work?

“Our work is heavily trend focused as the wedding cake is often a statement which ties a whole wedding together so our designs are reflective of the trends of the moment.”

“Our team of talented decorators take inspiration from bridal gown designers, stationary, and floral designs as well as ornate textiles, and even the architecture of some of our favourite venues!”

What is your greatest achievement?

“Our greatest achievement was winning the prestigious VOWS awards for four consecutive years from 2011-2014, we were also nominated for the award in 2015 and have been again in 2016.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Weddings very much lie at the heart of the business – it’s safe to say we are wedding obsessed and even after 8 years in business I feel as passionate about them now as I did when I first started.”

“Our new Stockbridge cake boutique opened its doors in Feb 2016 and is a beautiful space to host wedding consultations, we hope to make it Scotland’s most successful wedding cake boutique in the coming months ahead.”

liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-13 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-7 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-6 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-12 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-8liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-5 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-10 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique-9 liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique liggys-cake-company-edinburgh-wedding-cakes-glasgow-wedding-cakes-bespoke-wedding-cakes-artisan-wedding-cakes-artisan-cake-boutique, wedding cakes

Thank you so much to Liggy for sharing her incredible creations, they aren’t just cake, they are works of art.

Love the creativity, and the evident attention to detail hat is baked right in to every wedding cake she commissions.


To Contact Liggys Cake Company  



Phone: Edinburgh – West End: 0131 538 6395, Edinburgh – Stockbridge: 0131 332 2223,  Glasgow – Bearsden: 0141 942 6620

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