Beautiful bespoke bridal wear from Hannah Pearson

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the work of Hannah Pearson, creator of bespoke bridal wear, designed and made in Cumbria’s Historic Border City, Carlisle.

Drawing from her costume past and her love of theatre, vintage and historical she creates the most beautiful bespoke gowns.

Her greatest joy is reimagining the old and never gets more excited than when a bride brings her mother’s wedding dress and wants to include it in some way in her own big day.

Image – Ash James Photography


I hand over to Hannah to tell all about her beautiful work…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am a bridal wear designer and dressmaker, with a background in Costume Design for film & theatre.”

“I offer a completely bespoke service, designing and creating wedding and bridesmaid dresses for brides with both a strong vision or perhaps looking for a little inspiration.”

Image – Vanessa Miles Photography

When and why did you start your Company?

“I started my business 9 years ago whilst studying Costume Design at Wimbledon College of Art.”

“A friend of my sister’s asked me if I would make her wedding dress, wanting something unique and personal that she couldn’t find in the shops.”

“Since then I have gradually moved further away from costume towards bridal, discovering an unforeseen joy in helping women discover and create a uniquely personal dress for that most special of days.”

Image – Wiesia Bojko Allen

What inspires you?

“My greatest joy is reimagining the old. I never get more excited than when a bride brings me her mother’s wedding dress and wants to include it in some way in her own.”

“Together we create a new gown that is a tribute to the past whilst also a reflection of the daughter’s style and personality.”

Do trends influence your work?

“Not really, only if the bride herself has an interest in a particular trend.”

“Of course we are all subconsciously influenced as we get saturated with these images day to day, but because each of my dresses is designed exclusively for one individual,”

“I feel those dresses are influenced by the person rather than by trends. I believe that the design of a wedding gown should be the true reflection of that person’s spirit, you should look at that gown and think “yes, that is her”.

Image – Ash James Photography

The Process

“After our initial meeting, if you decide that a bespoke dress is definitely for you, we finalise your design and then I make a prototype – a toile out of calico – for you to try.”

“This allows you to see your gown take shape and make important decisions about the fit and design.”

” After the toile fitting I then create a paper pattern. I use this to construct your dress out of the real fabric.”

“Over a series of two to three more fittings you will get to see your dress develop and take shape.”

“One of the joys of commissioning a bespoke dress is that you are involved at every stage of its creation and able to contribute to every detail, making it a uniquely personal experience and the outcome all the more special.”

Image – Sophie Duckworth Photography

What is your greatest achievement?

“2 weeks before her wedding, a bride came to me in desperation – she had had a dress made, and it was horrendous!”

“It didn’t fit, didn’t look like the design at all, and the seamstress had used completely the wrong fabric.”

“In the space of 3 days I completely remade the skirt, beaded a belt, reshaped the bodice and fitted it to her correctly.”

“I barely slept but it was so worth it for the look on her face when she saw the transformation. She even invited me to her wedding as a thank you! That joy at a dream realised it what makes this job amazing.”

What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“I am in a unique position at the moment, coming out of maternity leave after having my first child.”

“I finally have the space to be fully dedicated to this business, and I am looking forward to being able to expand and take on more clients, helping new women realise their visions, and making new stories.”

Image – Ash James Photography


Thank you so much to Hannah for sharing her exquisite bespoke Bridal Wear, what a wonderful experience to have something tailored so beautifully to you.


To Contact Hannah Pearson 



Phone: 07743179247

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


Photo Credits – Sophie Duckworth Photography/ Ash James PhotographyVanessa Miles PhotographyWiesia Bojko Allen


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