Beautiful bespoke wedding dresses from The Robing Room

Today I am thrilled to be introduce designer Janet Robinson, of The Robing Room who creates beautiful bespoke wedding dresses as a brand new Blog Sponsor.

The Brand is based in the Evegate Business Park in Smeeth, Kent and they offer appointments for  bespoke fitting services, as well as a sample service, alterations and a gown re-invention service.


I hand you over to Janet to introduce herself…

Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hello I am Janet Robinson and I have a passion for sewing and creating lovely garments made to measure.”

“I also love to teach others what I know…..just like my mother taught me.”

“The Robing Room provides lovely bespoke garments which include wedding gowns and formal wear, and we can work to a budget.

“Our sample room garments are made with consideration to fabric, cut of the garment but also for comfort too.”

“As well as bespoke wedding gowns; we provide bespoke tailoring,  bridesmaids dresses and lingerie.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“I started The Robing Room in January 2013.”

“Myself and a group of fellow creatives rented a very small studio in Kent working there on our days off from busy teaching jobs, it was an outlet to practise our craft.”

“Pressures of full time jobs meant that I was maintaining the studio on my own and saw the opportunity to expand into The Robing Room after leaving a full time post at Fashion-enter in London.”

What inspires you?

“Creative cutting and beautiful fabrics inspire me experimenting with style lines to compliment the body – whichever shape the body may be.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Yes they do – they help create a link to ideas and to provide inspiration when time is short and I need to have access to current fashion and style.”

“Having spent over 25 years as a designer in the mass market I understand the importance of following trend.”

What is your greatest achievement?

Graduating in my 40’s on completion of my PGDHE in Fashion teaching it was hard work with family but so worth it.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I see expansion with new staff particularly apprentices or graduates.”

“We work closely with those that want to learn more particularly those that have a passion and enthusiasm to learn everything involved in a busy sample room studio.”

“The Robing Room also provide a sample service for graduates and industry and maintain close links with industry contacts, this is an area that I would like to grow.”

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Thank you so much to Janet for sharing her gorgeous bespoke wedding dresses, and Yvette for sharing her exquisite photography.

Looking forward to sharing much more of Janets work as a Blog Sponsor over the coming months.


To Contact The Robing Room


Phone: 01233 224985

Be Social: Blog  Facebook Twitter  Instagram


Image Credits

Photography: Yvette Craig Photography

Gowns: The Robing Room

Floristry: The Wedding Flower Company

Venue: Westenhanger Castle

Necklaces (Brides Head): Makala Thomas – Stella & Dot



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