Beautiful Custom Stationery for your special day from Devlin Designs

Today it is my great pleasure to spotlight on Devlin Designs who are dedicated to creating custom stationery for your special day.

The Brand is based in Moreton in the Wirral.


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I hand over to the lovely Lindsey to tell you all about the Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name’s Lindsey, I’m the owner and creative mind at Devlin Designs.”

“I’m a tea drinker, a dog owner and adore all things that sparkle!”

“Here at Devlin Designs I am dedicated to creating custom stationery.”

“I work closely with my clients to create beautiful and individual ideas.”


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When and why did you start your Company?

“I set up Devlin Designs in 2013 after helping with stationery (as bridesmaid duties) for the two Weddings of my very best girl friends; Hannah & Kayleigh.”

“I completely fell head over heels in love with Weddings!”

“The magic of two individuals becoming one, with families joining together to celebrate their loved ones’ happiness, is just THE best, and what makes it even better?… I get to be part of it!”


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What inspires you?

“My customers; my Brides & Grooms are my biggest inspiration.”

“Their love story, their venue, their style, and their little quirks.”

“I love listening to couples’ stories in order to inspire their designs.”

“I do not have set collections or editable designs to simply change the information on.”

“I encourage my clients to tell their story through their stationery. Their invitations are their guests’ first glimpse into your special day – I want them to make a statement!”

“Together, we develop their theme, style and colour scheme throughout all of your stationery pieces, taking inspiration from the stories they can tell.”


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Do trends influence your work?

“Trends influence my Brides and the style of their weddings, which in turn influences my designs.”

“My favourite has got to be the ‘be-yourself’ trend, there’s really nothing more refreshing than a couple wanting to bring their own personality into their day rather than what is fashionable.”

“For example, a past couple chose their table names to be landmarks they have visited together. Their stunning table plan came complete with drawings of each location.”


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What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement to date apart from the from the growth of  my wedding stationery company is the success of my first Bridal Show hosted & organised with Vikki of Sapphire Bespoke Events.”

“Her job is to transform venues to make them absolutely stunning!”

“We’ve both built up an amazing customer base, created relationships and made friendships.”

“We’ve networked with other amazing suppliers throughout growing our businesses so we were able to call on some of Wirral’s most sought after Wedding businesses to join us in exhibiting all under one roof.”

“I am so proud of us, how are businesses have expanded, and the relationships we have created with other local suppliers, and through the success we are now planning show number two.”


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What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I honestly feel so blessed with the growth of my little business in just over two years.”

“The support, kindness and interest that my friends have family have shared has been amazing to say the least.”

“I would love an office space outside of my home. Other than this, the future is for expanding and continuing to grow and learn.”

“Making my company known not just locally but all over the U.K.”


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Thank you so much to Lindsey for sharing her pretty custom stationery with us on the Blog today.


To Contact Devlin Designs



Phone: 07956539772


Be Social: Facebook  Twitter


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