Beautiful Custom Wedding Stationery from Holly Rees London

As we celebrate National Stationery week its my pleasure to spotlight on the work of Holly Rees who creates beautiful custom Wedding Stationery.

The designer is based in London.


holly_rees_london, save_the_date_floral, wedding stationery


I hand over to Holly to tell us all about her blossoming Brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Holly Rees, I am a wedding stationery designer based in London.”

“All of my stationery is designed with great care and attention to detail.”

“I hand draw the patterns, such as floral wreaths and can provide hand drawn maps showing reception and ceremony venues.”

“I tend to lean towards a fresh, simple, slightly bohemian yet modern style, and I tend to steer away from fussy or overly ornamented design.”

“I can provide a custom / bespoke design service to clients if they wanted something unique and have a certain look / style in mind.

“Alternatively I am steadily building a portfolio of designs for sale via my Etsy shop, HollyReesLondon.”

“These are editable to allow me to fill in the client’s information and send them the finished product for them to print.”

“I can provide all wedding stationery, from Save the dates and invitations, through to menus and order of services.”


holly_rees_london, wedding_invitation, wedding stationery


When and why did you start your Company?

“I began designing wedding invitations for my friend’s weddings a couple of years ago and really enjoyed the process and being part of their day.”

“It was an honour to contribute in such a way to their wedding.”

“Designing wedding stationery is creative process and is also extremely enjoyable and rewarding.”


holly_rees_london, navy_wreath, wedding stationery


What inspires you?

“I take inspiration from nature, graphic design, market stalls in London, retail displays and photography.”

“I trained as an Architect and progressed into Interior Design from there, focussing on boutique hotels and bespoke furniture.”

“I take a huge amount of inspiration from this, in terms of defining a style and editing the scheme into something simple, but intrinsically designed and thought through.”


holly_rees_london, wedding_invitation_flora, wedding stationery


Do trends influence your work?

“I think trends will always influence my creative work on a subconscious level, as we are so saturated by trend images on social media and websites such as pinterest.”

“I don’t like to think that I follow trends, but pull inspiration and ideas from them.”


holly_rees_london, floral_wreath_invite, wedding stationery


What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest overall achievement is working extremely hard and remaining focused in my 20s, which has led to me being in a career now that I find very rewarding and makes me happy.”

“I have managed to carve a career out of things that inspire me on a daily basis, no two days are ever the same and I am always learning how to be better at what I do.”


holly_rees_london, wedding_map, wedding stationery


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would like this venture into wedding stationery to be something that I do for enjoyment as well a business venture.”

“My career is based around design and I would like to carry on being creative in various disciplines, as I have always thought of it as a holistic process.”


holly_rees_london, save_the_date_lavender, wedding stationery


Thank you so much to Holly for sharing her exquisite wedding stationery.

I love the simplicity and elegance of the designs, delicate but still making a powerful style statement.


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