Beautiful keepsake artificial wedding flowers by Flowers Forever by Dee

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the beautiful keepsake artificial wedding flowers created by Flowers Forever by Dee.

Traditionally Brides have always favoured fresh flowers due to their look and their scent but artificial flowers have come a very long way and now offer benefits that can outweigh the fresh flower as well as a look that is timeless.


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I hand you over to Dee to tell you all about her gorgeous work….


Who are you, and what do you do?

My name is Dee, a lawyer turned florist who specialises in high quality artificial wedding floristry.

I make all items from bouquets to buttonholes, as well as matching floral items for guests and room decor such as table decorations, all to the couple’s specification of colours or theme.


When and why did you start your Company?

I can remember very clearly the day when I was sitting at my desk in the office, having my lunch before I went into court in the afternoon to represent my client, and reading an article about a Solicitor who left the profession to open a florist shop.

I was very intrigued and it got me thinking of how I could imagine seeing myself doing something like that one day.

Although I loved my work in the legal field I came to a point in my life where I needed to make a decision.

After the birth of my second child I decided that the time was right to explore an avenue that tapped into my creative side, the side which was reserved for after office hours and weekends.

I knew that working with artificial flowers is where my passion lies and so I spent the next year working hard building up and developing my skills and knowledge to create ranges as well as sourcing high quality artificial blooms.

That was 8 years ago now, and I have loved every moment.


What inspires you?

My inspirations come from all over, and sometimes from unexpected places.

My eye is always open to little details such as the delicate beading, to colour combinations from all around in every aspect of daily life.

If I see a beautiful flower or interesting foliage, I search to see if I can get it in a high quality artificial version that I can use in my work.

When working with the artificial wedding flowers I prepare them before hand, like you would with real blooms.

I spend time to ensure that all the flowers are sitting correctly, that the flower heads a properly attached as well as the stems being trimmed and taped where required.

I spend a vast amount of time sourcing ribbons and embellishments, often visiting local haberdasheries to find something a little different.

The time goes into the detail, something of which I border almost obsessive, to ensure that a Bride would be happy with them when she looks down at them on her special day.

The beauty of artificial flowers, which have come a long way over the years, are that a couple can order them well in advance of their wedding day and see them to ensure that they are what they wanted.

There is no worry of flowers turning up on the day, which may not meet expectation and there is no chance of wilting on a hot day.

They are a fantastic alternative for those who suffer with hay fever, as the only tears at a wedding should be those of joy!

They are also wonderful as a keepsake, not only for the Bride but also the Bridesmaids and guests too.

I have many couples who purchase the flowers for their wedding abroad as they are generally lightweight and very easy to carry.


Do trends influence your work?

Although colour trends from year to year can have an influence on current ranges, most of the influence comes from the couples themselves.

Whether it is their favourite colour or flower and as many couple purchase well in advance I have no set seasons of flowers.

I have many of times sent a winter themed bouquet in the summer and a spring bouquet in the autumn.

I also offer a bespoke service where a bride can have a bouquet designed especially in the colours and flowers of her choice.

If a Bride sees a current bouquet but would like it in another colour, that can be one too.


What do you see as the future of your Company?

I am always looking and searching for new flowers, ribbons and embellishments to add to the ranges.

The next big step is to complete my online store and to build the company to raise even more awareness of the services I offer.

A lot of my work comes from personal recommendations from previous clients or wedding guests, something of which I am extremely proud of.

It has been a great privilege to be involved in approximately 4.5k weddings and it is always an honour to be chosen to as a couple’s wedding florist.


















Artificial wedding flowers have a certain durability that you don’t get with fresh flowers with the risk of wilting.

Add to that the benefit for those with allergies or hayfever then it can be a really beautiful choice.

Dee’s flowers can be made in many colours and styles with bespoke options available, and are really very pretty.


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