Beautiful vintage style tweed suits by Vintage Suit Hire Co

Today I’m delighted to spotlight on the Vintage Suit Hire Co, a gentlemans experience that allows grooms to hire suits that actually fit in with their style and personality (in the way that brides are very much able to), and at a price that wont break the budget.

Jessica and Tom Answer wanted to create something special that reflected their tastes being vintage, retro and handmade and allowed Grooms to wear something a little more offbeat and alternative.

Tom has a degree in Fashion and has worked for brands such as White Stuff and ASOS, and Jessica worked in Supply Chain Management and studied Design, which has allowed them to create a range of men’s suits that can be dressed up to be very formal, or dressed down for a more fun and alternative look.


I hand over to Jessica to tell you all about their blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are Jessica and Tom and we own The Vintage Suit Hire Company.”

“We have a small range of beautiful luxury tweed wool suits available for hire or for purchase made to measure, and an additional personal shopper-style accessories service, with a quirky edge.”

“We focus on providing brilliant personal customer service, high quality suits and accessories and at a price that competes with the high street.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“We have had our idea to start the business since we were preparing to get married in 2011, and started trading in August 2016.”

“When we were planning our wedding, we were looking for alternatives to the standard morning suit or plain lounge suit and couldn’t find anything for hire, or to purchase for a reasonable price, so we knew there was a gap in the market, and once I went on maternity leave in Oct 2015 we set about making it happen.”

“We spent a long time sourcing the right fabrics and style of suits and believe we’ve found a selection wearable by a vast range of body shapes and at a cost affordable to many.”

What inspires you?

“We are drawn towards 1950s style with a tough masculine edge.”

“We like strong style cues and colours, and love quirky accessories like anchor tie pins and fabric and metal alternatives to traditional floral buttonholes.”

Do trends influence your work?

“We selected our suits because they are timeless in style and can be dressed up or down and the way they are accessorised.”

“Currently we’re finding that our clients are looking for a classic country gent style with rustic golds and neutral tones in the bowties and pocket squares or more towards the smart but edgy Peaky Blinders style with curved collar shirts and pocket watches.”

What is your greatest achievement?

“We have been building up the ideas behind the business for several years and to have it in existence has been a great feeling for us.”

“We have been surprised and touched that the suits have been received so well by our clients, who predominantly have found us online and then come to meet us, and really happy to then see that they are satisfied when they try our suits on and see themselves in the mirror.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We are currently a home-based business and operate from our unique vintage furnished front room.”

“We love providing the personal touch, so a relaxing lounge atmosphere works well for us.”

“We are aiming to take on premises in the next few months and create a gentleman’s version of the experience a bride receives in a great bridal boutique.”

“We will maintain our current personal touches of a chat about the big day on the sofa with a coffee or beer before heading to the speakeasy style dressing area for getting measured up and trying out our suits for size.”

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Lets face it Wedding fashion for couples can be a rather lopsided affair.

For grooms, the options for what to wear on the big day can be limited and dull.

The Vintage Suit Hire co turn the tables and let the groom show their unique personality and I have to say make them look pretty sauve.

The morning Suit or a Tux may not be everyones cup of tea, let the boys shine in a more offbeat way.

They will look slick but in a relaxed and can I say pretty hot way…


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