Beautiful Wedding Accessories from Eve ~ Inspired by You

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on Eve ~ Inspired by You, a wedding accessories brand creating beautiful wedding garters, bridal belts, sashes and one-of-kind gems for your wedding and every special occasion.

The brand is based in Riga, Latvia.

I hand over to Elina Vaivode to tell you all about this blossoming company…


 Who are you, and what do you do? 

“I am Elina, and I am founder of wedding accessories brand Eve ~ Inspired by You ”

“This year I turned 30 and as usual in this age we start the measure what I have done, what I have achieved, what am I and where I am heading, etc.”

“By trying to answer these questions I made a resume, that I am a person that tries to create a life that’s surrounded by positivism, inspiration, beauty and honesty to myself and others.”

“I had a vision to create luxury lingerie brand, but somehow it turned to another direction.”

“The coincidence of the circumstances led me to wedding & special occasion related accessories.”

“I wanted to somehow combine designs & materials that make woman truly excited, like crystals, silk, satin, lace, velvet & satin belts, bows, pearls, feathers etc.”

“These materials are so iconic and elegant that they never go out of fashion.”

What inspires you?

“In a process of creating EVE items I am working with only the highest quality materials and each of the product itself has its own story and history how and why it’s made.”

“This whole creative process in inspiring.”

“Recently I witnessed how the inspiration can be recognized when I saw a butterfly in a deep bluish green colour & thought,  this is exactly the tone how one of the Fall/Winter velvet sash will look like.”

“These moments are magical.”

Do trends influence your work? 

“From time to time I get some ideas from fashion & media, but mostly an influence comes from a nature, people I meet or materials itself.”

“Sometimes I have no idea how will the final result look like. It’s a creative process, when design may chance within seconds.”

What is your greatest achievement? 

“I am truly grateful for everything that is going on with a brand, every little move is a great achievement.”

“It’s a magical feeling to remember how it all started with just an idea and no such experience, then there was material search, samples, work on a first designs, website programming & editing, photo shoot, etc.”

“I took so much time and effort, but was totally worth every minute.”

“I would say every day at EVE is a great adventure from which I gain knowledge & satisfaction at the same time.”

What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I would like to see it as a brand that inspires woman all around the World, by making them look and feel amazing on their most magical days of their lives.”

” I would like to see EVE as a strong, independent and loved brand that creates not only accessories, but offers also bespoke garments. And of course a little adorable boutique would be great.”

Eve love to make you feel special, and if you’re wedding day is around the corner or you need something to mark the most special of occasions they have the most exquisite of wedding accessories.

Delivery to UK from Riga on average 10/12Euros. TNT or DPD courier delivery available for quicker delivery (depending on location).


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Photo Credits

Photography: Galina Tcivina

Garter: Eve ~ Inspired by You

Models: Nena Stoya & Vladislavovna Baburina

Muah: O My Beauty

Location: Mimika Primorskaya  ~ St. Petersbourg


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