Beautifully crafted silver jewellery from Four Beautiful Keys

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the fabulous jewellery company Four Beautiful Keys renowned for its beautifully crafted silver jewellery.

Haley Key is designer behind the brand, and her imaginative designs are quirky & refreshing, with quotes featuring extensively as well as creating other much loved personalised and timeless piece’s.

Her brand philosophy is to create personal and enduring designs which compliment each & every unique person who wears them.

For that reason this makes them perfect for gifts for Bridesmaids, Bridal party or Bride, friends or just because…


Butterfly, four beautiful keys, silver jewellery


I had a chat to Haley about her amazing designs…


What made you start designing jewellery?

“I began making jewellery from home as a hobby with basic beading & wire work before moving onto sheet metal designs.”

“I am thrilled to have recently moved the business to a studio in Suffolk Atrium Studio UCS.”

“Initially I found the Internet a fantastic learning tool to get started.”

“I launched the business around 5 years ago, and sold my first few pieces to family & friends before moving onto various fairs/events and then onto designing the website & taking to social media to promote the brand.”

“By social networking & word of mouth my brand has really grown.”


She believed she could so she did, four beautiful keys, silver jewellery


How did you come up with the name?

“The business is named after my four beautiful children. Key is our surname!”


leaf earrings, four beautiful keys, silver jewellery

Hammered hearts earrings, silver jewellery, four beautiful keys


When did you start your brand & was it hard?

“Starting my business was trial & error to begin with, I learnt as I leapt!”

“The hardest part was funding, launching a business in a recession was tough and at times disheartening.”

“However there were also lots of victories to which far outweigh the hurdles and  success has come with perseverance, passion, vision and a love for this amazing job I get to do.”

“I press on into the future with excitement because I see amazing doors being opened for the brand to grow even more!”

“I have had some fantastic opportunities to make some amazing pieces like the “A Way Out” Charity Necklace.

A Way Out is an outreach and prevention charity based in Stockton-on-Tees, working with the most vulnerable and at risk individuals, seeking to empower and equip them to find a way out of life-limiting and life-controlling situations.”

“I think the work they do is amazing it was a privilege to have designed for them.”

“As well as having my designs owned /worn & recommended by well known celebrities is fantastic!”

“My hammered heart necklace has just recently made an appearance in Coronation Street! Worn by the stunning Eva played by Actress Catherine Tyldesley.”


And though she was little, she was fierce necklace, silver jewellery, four beautiful keys


Do you have any advice for any aspiring designers?

“Yes..My advice would be….be prepared to work hard & persevere do not give up at the first hurdle.”

“Be dedicated & passionate, and believe in yourself, your product and you will succeed!”


Miles Apart- friends forever necklace, four beautiful keys, silver jewellery


I am the proud owner of a ” You’re Entirely Bonkers” necklace.

The fabulous inscription says “You’re entirely bonkers.But I’ll tell you a secret. All the best people are”

This could not sum me up more. I believe we have have to have a bit of crazy, reckless spontaneousness to ourselves to make us interesting.

In a word of magnolia its ok to be a little bit colourful, have your wild moments, seize the day because time marches on and  life can pass us by.

I love my necklace and it hasn’t been off my neck.

Its incredibly well made, its quirky and it can make powerful statement in beautiful silver.

Its a wonderful gift for yourself, your loved ones or for your Bridal party who want something just a little bit unusual.

Pleas excuse my selfie.


You're entirely bonkers necklace, four beautiful keys, silver jewellery

Ali selfie, silver jewellery, four beautiful keys, you're entirely bonkers necklace



To Contact Four Beautiful Keys



Phone: 07804798224

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