Beautifully designed themed Wedding Stationery Collections from BelleInk

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the wedding stationery of BelleInk, a company built on the love of design, and of making beautiful things.

The Brand who create both wedding and event stationery are based in London.


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I hand you over to Nicki to tell you all about this beautiful Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Nicki, I’ve been working in the advertising industry as a designer for over 10 years and now run my own wedding and events stationers called, Belleink.”

“At Belleink I design and make bespoke stationery that is unique for each customer.

“I also offer a pre designed range called, The Collection, a set of unique, beautiful designs for all kinds of couples, personalities and weddings.”


Country collection, BelleInk , Wedding Stationery


When and why did you start your Company?

“It all started when I was planning my own wedding.”

“While on the search for inspiration, I noticed there was a gap for quality stationery, the use of interesting papers and print techniques.”

“I felt my experience and passion for design could bring something new and different.”

“I began by thinking about what types of weddings people want and the idea grew from there – this was how The Collections were created.”

“I wanted a set of themes that could suit a wide variety of tastes and personalities, from classic and traditional to something quite playful.”

“Creating themes is so fun, and I’m continuously thinking of new designs to build into the current collection (so keep coming back to have a look) hopefully helping to inspire couples to go for something a little bit different.”

“I love creating bespoke designs for couples too and often have some very interesting results.”

“I’m very passionate about getting the details right, with all of my designs I am very precise with my typography and typesetting, if these aren’t done correctly it can really unbalance a great design and concept, but all of this is incomplete without the use of materials.

“Working closely with a British paper mill, I decided to use only the best quality paper that not only allows for better printing, but a better quality overall, when it touches your hands, you can definitely feel it.”


Beach Collection, Belle Ink Wedding Stationery


What inspires you?

“I can look at something as simple as a shoe, a leaf on the ground or the shape made by the reflection of light – inspiration can come from anywhere.”

“I’m naturally curious and I try to see the world as a child would see it, (hopefully without the tantrums) finding delight in the tiniest of things.”


Day of Dead Collection, BelleInk, Wedding Stationery


Do trends influence your work?

“When you have worked in the advertising industry for as long as I have you see trends come and go.”

“It can get a bit dangerous to follow a trend too much, but they can be good starting points, and then I always try to push them further to make them fresh.”


Festival Collection, BelleInk, Wedding Stationery


What is your greatest achievement?

“My greatest achievement is breaking into the advertising business as a female designer as this environment is mostly run by men – although this is slowly changing.”

“I’m proud to say I have had my work produced worldwide on large campaigns, and being able to use all of my experience to create and run my own business.” ”

“For me, that’s a pretty awesome achievement.”


French Letter Press Collection, Wedding Stationery, BelleInk


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“What I hope for Belleink is to keep growing and provide many more couples with designs that they will cherish and look back on in their memory boxes, looking back with a smile at something I created.”


Cafe Paris, BelleInk, Stationery


Thank you so much to Nicki for sharing her beautiful wedding stationery.

I love paper pretty and I love this eclectic range of themes and use of beautiful vibrant colours and paler hues.


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