Beautifully Fragranced Luxury Multi Wick Candles from Sovereign Candles for Wedding or Home

Today I am thrilled to share these beautifully fragranced luxury multi wick candles from Sovereign Candles for Wedding or Home.

Scent can be so powerful, and its memory stays with us.

What a wonderful way to capture the scent of your celebration and even years later the beautiful aroma bringing back to you with such beautiful memories.

The Brand is based in London.


I hand over to Rebecca Ussher to tell us all about this blossoming brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

Hello I’m Rebecca, founder of Sovereign Candles.

When and why did you start your Company?

Like many people I love candles and enjoy using them in my home to make a room look and smell amazing.

I found that cheaper candles had fragrances that didn’t last and wax that didn’t burn all the way down so were just a waste of money.

I had aspired to buy the largest candles for many years but felt that they were just too expensive and generally made from paraffin wax.

So I set out to fill a niche for very large, beautifully fragranced, natural soy wax, multiwick statement candles at a fair price.

I’ve done the corporate career and having raised my family found it was my time to peruse a passion so I launched the website in February 2019.

It took the previous year to learn how to make these stunning candles by hand, develop the fragrances and achieve over 100 hours burn time whilst ensuring they burnt all the way to the bottom with no residues.

It was a journey of discovery and I am excited to see where that takes me.

What inspires you?

People inspire me and my family and friends are the most important things in my life.

I like to make everyone feel welcome, special and relaxed in my home. I enjoy creating, and cooking is another way I can do this and my kitchen is the hub where everyone gathers.

My home comes alive when it is full of people and I enjoy all the little details that make people feel extra special, like lit candles. I

love to entertain and I love candles adding to your room’s décor, the ambience of your home, their comforting presence, so wanted larger attainable candles.

Do trends influence your work?

The trend for candles is well established and continues. We hope to create the trend rather than follow the trend in terms of the size and performance of our beautiful centrepieces.

Instead of flowers as centrepieces make it candles, or both. They look and smell amazing.

Forget loads of individual candles, everyone has those, opt for statement pieces. We are also trying to lead the trend away from paraffin based waxes which many big brands use to natural soy wax.

It’s very interesting how some of the best known luxury candles don’t mention what they are made from!

I will always be looking at the evolution of different fragrances and styling for which we offer a choice of label colour options and different glass colours.

Do you have a favourite wedding style?

I love all wedding styles – a wedding is a great celebration and whatever the style candles will look amazing.

We offer a custom label service allowing the bride and groom or wedding planners to choose their own image and text for the large candles they have on each reception table, or as a gift.

What do you love most about your Job?

Using my creative flair and being in control of my and Sovereign’s destiny is wonderful.

Delivering something new and exciting is a great feeling. I like to see people’s reactions to what I have created.

What do you do in your chill time/perfect day off?

Sovereign Candles takes a lot of time and having setup the fundamentals it’s all about letting people know about us.

In my down time I love playing tennis and run many social events at my local club.

What is your greatest achievement?

Cliché I know but my family has to be top of that list. I hope in years to come Sovereign Candles might make the list as well.

I am also training for a Machu Pitchu and Rainbow Mountain Trek this year which will definitely be a major achievement.

What do you see as the future of your Company?

We’re concentrating right now on building our online presence and letting people know about our fabulous candles.

The Candles come in a clear or black glass bowl which is reusable.

Each candle order includes a complimentary box of matches.

There is a choice of gold or silver labels for gift box lid and candle glass bowl.

These can be personalised to your personal details for your Wedding if required

You can also add in a personal message card.


From receiving one of these beautiful candles I can tell you that they are pretty impressive.

They come beautifully presented in a luxury box with a pretty seal and you get excited even before you open the packaging.

The size itself is immense and would certainly make an amazing statement as a wedding centrepiece.

I chose the exotic citrus, flower and herb combination of bergamot, verbena and basil.

The Candle enhances the bergamot’s fresh, tangy fruit flavour with the floral fragrance of Verbena, adding a hint of Basil giving a deep luxurious, invigorating aroma, and its a really rather special.

Even before being lit the absolutely glorious aroma fills your room.

What a lovely way to scent your Wedding or home and have the lovely glow of candlelight as a romantic touch to your celebration or a warming invitation into your abode.


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