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Sometimes you come across something really quite fantastic, and go why didn’t I think of that.

As a kick of the shirt of forty something myself I am really thrilled to welcome Janet Sainthouse of Beatilicious 40 Bride to the Blog today.

I had a wee chat to Janet over a wee cheeky beverage or two on a recent trip down south,
Who is Janet Sainthouse ?
“My name is Janet Sainthouse and I am the creator of Beautilicious 40 – the wedding website dedicated to brides over 40.  I’m 41 years young and a mum of two wonderful children aged 15 and eleven.”
“I’m a natural busy bee and have worked in customer related business for over 20 years. I enjoyed 14 years in the travel industry planning complex itineraries and for eleven years I’ve motivated people to lose weight and feel good about themselves by working as a Slimming Consultant, which is extremely rewarding.”
“A multi-tasking queen and perfectionist, I‘m very creative and always planning something. I’m one of those people that has lists of lists and working in the wedding industry is my ultimate dream job.”
“They say “life begins at 40” and for me the phrase couldn’t be more apt.”
What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?
“I am the owner and creator of the Beautilicious40 Bride website. Which offers inspiration and advice to women over 40 that are getting married or renewing vows.”
 mature bride, over 40 bride

When, and why did you start your business ?

“The idea began in January 2012 after I had read some wedding magazines. I’m 42 and divorced 2 years ago.”

“I met my new partner, James 16 months ago and am blissfully happy with him.”

“We were having a casual discussion one evening about our future plans and I hadn’t really considered about getting married again.”

“However, I was curious about how things had changed since I married for the first time in 1994.  But I found I couldn’t relate to most of the wedding stories in magazines as the brides were all 1st time 20 something brides.”

“I searched the internet and came up with nothing relating to older women. My frustration led to lots of research and became something I was passionate about. The idea grew into launching a website in April 2012 and it has been growing in popularity ever since.”

mature bride, over 40 bride

What inspires you ?
“I have always been a ‘girly girl’ . I love pretty things, dresses, shoes and all things wedding. I have since featured weddings on the website with real Brides Over40 and the feedback from them and other ‘mature’ women readers keeps me going.”
“It made me realize that I wasn’t alone in my frustration. Other women inspire me. Some women may have had upset in their lives and managed to turn their life around to find happiness again. It makes me want to high five them all and whoop out loud! Its amazing!”
Whats your greatest achievement ?
“The Business  is still in the early stages and it is hard work building the Beautilicious40 Bride name from nothing. My greatest achievement so far is the recognition that I am doing something different to many other wedding businesses because I was brave enough to tackle ageism that sometimes occurs in the industry.”
“There is no age limit to be a bride and every bride wants the same enthusiasm from suppliers. I have received emails from women that have been really insulted and talked out of  their dream wedding in the past because they had been made to feel ‘too old’ and that makes me really angry!”
“I also reached the Top 100 UK wedding tweeter list in the first 6 weeks through continuous networking  This doesn’t mean much to some but it shows my determination to make this work and hopefully instills trust in me from any suppliers that wish to sponsor the Beautilicious40 Bride brand.”
mature bride, over 40 bride
Whats the future for your Business ?
“I have some photo-shoots in the planning to help promote Beautilicious40Bride further and I aim to keep growing it to become a well known brand within the industry.”
“Already some wedding businesses have approached me with exciting projects and I can’t wait to see how it develops. I am pleased with its success within just 3 and a half months, who knows how it will develop in a year.”
Congratulations to Janet on the launch and success in such a short time. As Janet says love doesn’t come with an age restriction and people can find each other at any point in life. This is a great resource for Brides with just that little more life in them to be inspired for their own special days.
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