Bespoke celebration, wedding cakes and hand made chocolates by Poppy Pickering

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the incredible work of Poppy Pickering who creates bespoke celebration, wedding cakes and hand made chocolates.

All these are hand made and baked in their boutique shop in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.


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Image – Tiree Dawson Photography


I hand over to Dominique Pickering to tell us all about this wonderful brand…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Dominique and I am the co-owner of Poppy Pickering, a bespoke wedding cake and chocolate shop in Ilkley, West Yorkshire.”

“I personally bake and create all the cakes and my father hand makes all the chocolates on the premises.”

“We have a collection of over 45 chocolates in white, milk and dark.”


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When and why did you start your Company?

“We opened Poppy Pickering in 2013 after both of us retrained from our previous careers.”

“I had always had an interest in baking and once I had my children I wanted a change of career (from being a bedlinen design manager) due to travelling internationally and I missed my home life.”

“I love designing with flowers so instead of creating beautiful floral textile designs I now create beautiful floral wedding cakes.”


poppy pickering, wedding cakes


What inspires you?

“I get inspired by lots of things.”

“Personally I think that my previous career as a textile designer helps as I look at fashion, textiles, flowers, colours, architecture, anything really.”

“I love Pinterest too however I wish that I knew how to use it properly!”


Poppy Pickering, Tiree Dawson Photography
Image – Tiree Dawson Photography
Poppy Pickering, Tiree Dawson Photography, wedding cakes
Image – Tiree Dawson Photography


Do trends influence your work?

“Yes, I do look at trends with regards to the colours and the overall themes.”

“I follow many fashion designers and US Homeware companies but they tend to work a season ahead and I have found that in the wedding industry it tends to come through a little slower.”

“The fashion industry was more face paced and changed more frequently.”

“Most of my brides love blush and white and sometimes what flowers in season makes an impact on the cake design.”


Poppy Pickering, Avenue White Photography
Image – Avenue White Photography


What is your greatest achievement?

“Winning the TWIA national and regional wedding cake designer last year, this was a great achievement considering I had only been in business 2 years.”

“I honestly didn’t expect to win and I was very proud of myself. I still consider myself as a ‘newbie’ to the cake industry and I still have lots to learn.”


Poppy Pickering, Tiree Dawson Photography , handmade chocolates
Image – Tiree Dawson Photography


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Umm, I would love to see the business grown and expand.”

“As I personally do everything myself such as baking, ganaching, icing, sugar work, admin, social media etc it is a 7 day a week job with very long hours.”

“I would love to write a book and also expand my cake decorating classes offering and timetable as I love teaching others.”

“Just to continue to enjoy what I do and create some amazing wedding cakes for wonderful couples.”


poppy-pickering, wedding-cakes, claire-wood-photography
Image – Claire Wood Photography


Thank you so much to Dominique for sharing her story and an insight into the word of her stunning Wedding Cakes.

Love the creativity, and the evident attention to detail baked right in to every wedding cake she creates. so beautiful.


Image – Joel Skingle Photo


To Contact Poppy Pickering


Email: info@poppypickering

Phone: 01943 609 477 / 07793 080 960

Be Social: Facebook  Twitter  Instagram


Image Credits: Tiree Dawson Photography  Avenue White Photography  Claire Wood Photography Joel Skingle Photo


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