Bespoke reclaimed wood photo blocks from AC Photographic

Today I am thrilled to share the lovely work of AC Photographic and her bespoke, handmade reclaimed wood photo blocks which are great for displaying your Big Day memories in a more unique way.

Angela Collier captures ethereal and atmospheric photography, Moonlight Seascapes, abstract beach and Surf photos amongst other subjects and people.

These images are complimented by the use of reclaimed wood, Driftwood, Sea Groynes and Natural Slate.

Alternatively a clients own image can be mounted on these one of a kind wood photo blocks.


wood photo block, angela collier, AC Photographic, reclaimed wood


I hand you over to Angela Collier who tells you all  about the brand…


“Hi, I’m Angela, I’m based in Brighton and this is my story…”

“Whilst recently doing my photography degree I longed to find a photo frame to display my work that wasn’t factory produced and the same as all the rest of the ho hum frames!”

“I was looking for something that would lift the photo and made from beautiful unique pieces of reclaimed wood … so I designed one … and it took off from there and Ive never looked back!”

“I create Bespoke photo wood blocks made from gorgeous pieces of reclaimed wood … Pine , Driftwood and Sea Groynes from the Sussex coast, and these can be a beautiful, unique ,  one-of-a kind, handmade wedding gift for the Bride and Groom.”

“The photo blocks can be freestanding or wall mounted and can be made to specification”

“One of the virtues of reclaimed wood is that each photographic art-block that I make is completely bespoke adding to the allure of working with reclaimed wood.”

“I have recently made some bespoke wedding photo blocks for a premiership footballer for anniversary presents to give to his wife ( I keep looking out for them in Hello magazine in the home photo shoots!”

“The photographic art-blocks can also be made as gifts from the happy couple as thank you gifts to Bridesmaids…mother-in-law etc!”

“Gift vouchers are available and can be given as a wedding gift for a bespoke photo block to be made with Bride and Grooms Wedding photography.”

“Worldwide shipping is available and I  have been delighted to see my photo wood blocks going out to many far flung and exotic places  wish I could deliver them personally!)”


angela collier, wood photo blocks, ac photographic, reclaimed wood

angela collier, reclaimed wood, wood photo blocks, ac photographic

 reclaimed wood, wood photo blocks, AC Photographic, angela collier

reclaimed wood , wood photo blocks, AC Photographic , angela collier

recaimed wood, angela collier, ac photographic, wood photo blocks

ac photographic, wood photo blocks, angela collier, reclaimed wood

reclaimed wood, wood photo blocks, angela collier, ac photographic

reclaimed wood, wood photo blocks, ac photographic , angela collier

angela collier, ac photographic, reclaimed wood, wood photo blocks


Thank you so much to Angela for sharing her gorgeous and one of a kind wood photo blocks with us on the blog.

There is something special with reutilising what nature has given us and through this Angela has created something unique that will be treasured.


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Main Image Photo Credit: Fitzgerald Photographic 


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