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Today I am thrilled to spotlight on My Icon Story who have created the first personalised gift service that lets you create bespoke wall art using icons.

Its a fully interactive design platform that offers customers a completely new way to tell their life stories.

Whether its your relationship, your gap year, your career, a personal adventure , your time at University or a really important friendship this is a really simple yet special way to remember the good times.

Simply search and select icons from the ever-growing library and populate your print to create something personal and meaningful to you or the person you’re giving it to.

Its a great choice gift for a Wedding present or for a couple to remember their Honeymoon.

The brand is based in Northampton.

I hand over to Laura Robinson to tell you all about her blossoming business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I am Laura, founder and Creative Director of a new personalised gift start-up called My Icon Story.

“My Icon Story is a new personalised gift that offers customers a fun and interactive way to turn their life and travel stories into bespoke wall art prints, through icons.”

“I have designed over 400 minimalist icons for different cities, landmarks, hobbies, animals, transport and even objects like a Barbour chair, dumbbell and graffiti can.”

“Customers simply search and select icons for the story they want to tell and place them on their art print to compose their icon story.”

“The beauty of My Icon Story is that there are no limitations to what stories you can tell.”

“I realised very early on that this was a unique and key feature that gives My Icon Story real differentiation.”

“It’s also why my customers love what My Icon Story has to offer.”

“My past customers have created icon story prints for their road trips, cruises, anniversary trips, honeymoons, round-the-world travelling trips, gap years, interrailing and sabbaticals as well as key life moments and milestones.2

“Telling the story of your life, life moments and relationship are hugely popular.”

“Think of all the places that are meaningful to your life: where you were born, went to college or university, where you work, where you bought your first house, where you met your husband, where he proposed, where you went on honeymoon!”

“Places and destinations make up our identity and tell our story and My Icon Story offers a beautifully visual and original way of telling that
story and offers one of the best and most unique personalised gifts on the market.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“I set up the business in January 2017 after deciding to leave behind an award winning media career.”

“The idea for My Icon Story came during a sabbatical I took in 2016.”

“At the age of 27 I embarked on my first solo travel trip, visiting Japan, The Philippines, Borneo and Kuala Lumpar. It was the trip of a lifetime and I had the most amazing experience.”

“Upon returning I was looking for something visual to represent my travels but couldn’t find anything suitable that featured all the places I had visited, and in the order that I visited them.”

“So I designed a minimalist icon for each city and composed my own graphic art print. My Icon Story was born.”

“Every time I see my print on my wall at home, I am reminded of the amazing memories and experiences I encountered.”

“Not only does it hold great meaning, it is also a wonderful piece of minimalist wall art and a guaranteed conversation starter.”

” After being asked to create prints for other people, I realised I had the nugget of a great business idea, one in which there was a gap in the market for.”

“Personalised gifts and in particular personalised art prints are increasingly popular.”

“But I wanted to offer more than just a personalised product. I wanted to offer a personalised experience to those creating them and an experience that made designing your own print both accessible and fun.”

“Whether you are receiving a My Icon Story print or creating one as a gift for someone else, I want people to feel the same level of emotion and enjoyment.”

What inspires you?

“People! People and their lives, stories and experiences are the greatest source of inspiration.”

Do trends influence your work?

“Yes absolutely. I design and add icons to the My Icon Story website all the time and often these are based on travel or cultural trends.”

“For example, we know Croatia has had a boom of tourism so we have added icons for the main holiday and tourist destinations in Croatia.”

What is your greatest achievement? 

“At launch My Icon Story was featured in Evening Standard Homes & Property as well as CityAM.”

“This was my first bit of national press and I was so thrilled that someone other than my friends and family believed in my business.”

“It’s great to get the social proof and approval that I have a great product and business.”

What do you see as the future of your Company? 

“Working with and collaborating with brands and partners to have the biggest curation of icons for use on bespoke art prints.”

“I want My Icon Story to be as big as the likes of Moonpig as well as be a global top-of-mind personalised gift brand.”

To add…

“My Icon Story prints can be bought framed/unframed and come in 3 sizes…”

Small & Mighty (fits 4-6 icons) £39 unframed/ £75 framed

Inbetweener (fits 7-9 icons) £55 unframed / £92 framed

Wall Hogger (fits 10-12 icons) £70 unframed / £120 framed

“All of our prints are printed on 290 GSM smooth rag, 100% cotton fine art archival print.”

“We are selling a premium product and appreciate that anyone creating a My Icon Story print on our site has put a lot of thought and consideration into its creation.”

“That’s why all of our ‘unframed’ products come with a border mount and backing board as standard and are delivered flat, not rolled.”

“Our frames are not standard ‘off the shelf’ frames and each frame is made to order.”

“All of our frames are 23mm x 23mm and come in a choice of black or white solid wood.”

“If there is an icon that a customer cannot find on My Icon Story (whether that be a city or specific landmark or object) customers can simply use the contact form to request an icon.”

“I will design the icon and add it to the website.”

All recently-added icons will appear on

“I am  also in talks with some wonderful brands about exciting partnerships and collaborations  so if anyone reading has an idea for a partnership with My Icon Story then I would love to chat!”

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to review Lauras amazing wall art.

Sydney holds a huge place in my heart and after our recent holiday I felt there was nothing better to keep that memory alive than by being able to gaze at something pretty that focuses on those wonderful times we experienced.

I chose landmarks of this incredible city as part of my life story as its somewhere that keeps pulling me back and where I feel at home.

The process to create the wall art is incredibly easy from choosing size, background, icons, frame and icon colour its all step by step.

If there is an icon from a city important to you you can also contact Laura to see about having this added.

We all attach so much meaning and emotion to different places, and times in our life and this is a great way for and why everyone has a personal story.


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