Bespoke Wedding Accessories by Kanda Images

Today it is my great pleasure to share the beautiful and creative bespoke Wedding Accessories of Kanda Images.


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I spoke to the team to find out all about these gorgeous products….


Who are you, and what do you do?

“We are Keith Tester and Andrea Leggett, and as Kanda Images we create wedding wear such as ties, cravats and shawls.”


When and why did you start your Company?

“We started out as landscape photographers as a little hobby type business 3 years ago and sold landscape prints at exhibitions and fairs which proved really popular.”

“The wedding wear side evolved from this and has been available since February this year.”

“This came as I started experimenting with fabric as some of our pictures seemed to work better that way.”

“I personally have a love of flowers and had been photographing them in a fine art style but didn’t think just printing them on paper was really communicating their beauty enough.”

“After a first successful run of landscape scarves I wondered if the flowers would look good that way.”

“Further to that I thought of the lovely wedding bouquets and floral arrangements, I was sad to think that after the big day the only mementoes of the flowers was in photos or dried/preserved.”

“Maybe the answer was a floral scarf/shawl for the bride/bridesmaids.”


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“So I studied floristry books, wedding magazines, Pinterest and social media and then visited florists buying flowers to photograph in the studio like Hollywood stars.”

“I thought deeply about achieving the look and arranged all sorts of flowers and foliage until I was satisfied.”

“After some computer design wizardry the flower pattern was ready and I decided to match the background with the colour of the bridesmaids dresses (pale pink). The design was ready to send for printing.”

“However, Keith said the men were left out, why couldn’t they have ties and coordinate the look too.”

“So the flower pattern was modified after more books and learning about textiles into a big repeating pattern suitable for accessories like ties, pocket squares etc.”


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“After talking to a specialist fabric printer who provided us with swatches we then had the designs printed.”

“On arrival of the fabrics I then set about learning how to make the accessories. Getting to grips with liquid like crepe de chine and slippery satin on the sewing machine was no easy task.”

“I felt the need to layout the paper tie patterns and sew it myself so I could fully understand what I was doing and communicate the look.”

“I also learned the art of ironing – yes it really is an art!”

“The idea of course is to create and make bespoke accessories from the couples chosen flowers and colours (swatch) which we start about 1 year in advance (for seasonal flowers).”

“It’s custom designed and made. No other wedding will have the same – it’s unique to the couple’s day.”


What inspires you?

“The beauty of the world around us has a huge impact on what we do.”

“We can be inspired by many things including the coast as we are based in Hayling Island, THE place to be for great sunsets.”


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Do trends influence your work?

“Yes, as we need to be in tune with look couples are striving to achieve.”


What is your greatest achievement?

“Our greatest achievement was from going from a print to making a bow tie for the first time from fabric we designed.”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“We hope the future will be bright and busy as couples work together co-ordinate their wedding look.”

“We have joined Coupled, a new app that has just launched. It’s a new way for engaged couples to plan their big day and a great way for us to engage with customers.”


Bow tie , pocket square, kanda images, wedding accessories


Thank you to the team for sharing their bespoke wedding accessories.

What a wonderful idea to create something with such a personal touch and something that will last long after your beautiful florals have wilted.

I love how they are just a wee bit out of the ordinary and bring a unique dash to the wedding outfit.


To Contact Kanda Images



Phone: 07963084156.




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