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Today I am thrilled to showcase the work of Blue Ribbon Design, a company passionate about creating bespoke and beautiful solid oak items for special occasions and events.

Run by Clare, Blue Ribbon Design is all about rustic styling whether thats products for Events – table plans, top table decorations, name place settings, favours and wedding party gifts or homewares.



I had a wee chat to Clare to find all about the background of this fresh new company,


Who are you, and what do you do ?

“I am Clare Braithwaite and the company is Blue Ribbon Design.”

“Our company is quite newly established and we create table plans and plaques and other gorgeous weddingy bits from solid oak and slate for your big day.”

Why and When did you start your Business?

“We started the business in June 2012, although the idea was born back in February of last year when I was planning my own wedding.”

“I noticed during this time that so many items you ‘have to have’ and they are used and then forgotten in the space of half a day!”

“I wanted to create something a little bit more classic and that would be able to be a part of your day and following on from this a part of your lives!”

“The table plan was born….. with the idea being that the oak board is personalised with your names – either surname or first names the choice is yours as everything we make is done for the individual.”

“Each item is made to order and with the client in mind. The slates are laser engraved with artwork and the names of the guests at each table.”

 “The slates can later be removed as they are simply velcroed into place…..this enables the beautiful solid oak piece of wood with  names hand inscribed (burnt) into the wood, to be used to later display wedding photos, or as someone else recently suggested as a giant food board – just like Jamie Oliver!”

“Our other products include a ‘Mr and Mrs’ plaque that can be used in a variety of way during the day – at the church, on your gift table, in the entrance to your venue, as a top table decoration…..and of course on display in your home for ever more.”

“There need never be a forgotten anniversary again, and all because the lady ordered – Blue Ribbon Design.”

“With name place settings and favours we always try and make one item that does two jobs. We believe you should have the very best, but that when you do it should work as hard for you, as you did to earn the money to pay for it!”

“To this end our oak name tags are personalised on the revers and our hessian lavender bags include a lovely vintage luggage tag to let your guests know that they have found their seat.”

“Slate name place settings are laser engraved with the same details and keep the theme of natural and quality products.”

T”here are other bespoke designs – supplied with or with the bark on – square or rectangular in basic shape….signs / quotes / gifts for wedding parties and children – door signs – anything!”

“Everything we make is made to order, bespoke and beautiful. Unique for each customer and with just a little bit of Blue Ribbon Design magic!”

What inspires you?

“The beauty of what is around us, nature, the great outdoors. Quality products that have a natural beauty that we simply enhance.”

“Working with oak in the way that we do really does make you have a bit of a ‘wood fetish’ – the touch, feel, smell and look of it keep me thinking of new ideas to bring better and more beautiful products to our range “Tying the Knot”.

“In addition to this I think we have an understanding that weddings are expensive, and people want to choose quality items with a realistic price tag.”

“What we do isn’t a cheap option but we make products that can keep on giving beyond the day or can do more than one job for you making them better value for money.”

Whats your Greatest achievement ?

“Personally – my twin boys, they are 3 years old now and keep me on my toes!”

“They are great fun, exhausting, exhilirating and grounding – the fear when I found out I was blessed with the two of them and the challenge it set me seemed at time insurmountable, but when you love something and want it enough – you can do it!”

“This has taught me that loving what you do is important and that is when I decided to change my career, set up Blue Ribbon Design and follow what I love.”

“In the short time we have been going I have still been working my old job (soon to come to an end…phew!) and I believe that we have a very bright future ahead of us.”

“We have been signed by Not on the High Street as a seller, we have weddings booked in each month of this year, and plans for new lines and exciting concepts outside the wedding world as well as in it!”

“I found a saying the other day which rang so true – ‘”The only way to do great work is love what you do”. I love what I do, and hope that our customers think it’s great!”







Thank you to Clare for sharing her creativity. I love these products and think they are a fantastic way to make an impact as something quite original for your day, and also eco friendly with their adaptability after the big day.


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