Bridal Umbrellas that have got you covered, whatever the weather – Love Umbrellas

Its a conundrum that faces us all, the possibility of those big pitter patter raindrops on our Big Days but with Bridal Umbrellas from Love Umbrellas you have got it covered whether its rain or shine.

Whether its protecting you from the heaviest downpour or from the harsh rays of the sun, this Manchester based company makes Bridal Umbrellas the Must Have accessory.




I spoke to Klair Ward to find out all about her fabulous company,


Who are you, and what do you do?

“Hi, I am Klair and I own Love Umbrellas.”

“Love Umbrellas is a company making bespoke Bridal Umbrellas, and making rain on your Wedding Day a little more bearable, and stylish.”



Why, and when did you start Love Umbrellas?

“Love Umbrellas was born in July of 2011, a few months after taking redundancy from my position as a Retail Manager.

My best friend was getting married in North Yorkshire, and we were concerned about it raining on her big day.

We couldn’t find anything a little ‘different’, so I made something, and then the orders from friends and family started to ‘flood’ in, and Love Umbrellas started it’s journey to what it is today!”


What inspires you?

“Lots and lots of things inspire me… The view out of the window in the morning, a phrase or a word I hear, and our little boy!

Charlie is 3 in December and just one look at him makes all of the hard work and answering emails at 11pm all worth it!”




Do trends influence your designs?

“They do at times, but I find that we just go with what we feel too…

We don’t just jump onto the newest trend, we have some traditional designs that could fit with current trends, rather than being completely ruled by current trends.”


What’s your greatest achievement?

“I would have to say that it’s being a Mummy alongside running my own business.

I know lots of people do it, and take it all in their stride, but I do believe that we deserve a pat on the back every now and again!”


What do you see as the future of your company?

“I see us moving forward into more bridal and fashion boutiques up and down the country, and also into a high street store maybe?!

More media coverage and becoming more recognisable as a brand when spotted on the High Street!”




Thanks so much to Klair for sharing her story and her incredible designs, a Bridal Umbrella is now one of those Wedding Day essentials that we really can’t do without.

With spending so much on the look, the dress, the beauty and hair why risk ruining it with unforeseen showers.

Its always best to be prepared and if you can do it in style then all the better.





To Contact Love Umbrellas

Website –

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Phone – 01706 220 540

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    Thank you so much for featuring us on your blog, I read your blog often, and it’s exciting to see us on here!

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      You are very welcome and it was my great pleasure to feature you x

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