Capturing your Beautiful Moments – Wedding Artwork

Today I’m very excited to welcome Beautiful Moment back to the Blog  with a new contemporary approach to remembering your Big day with a bespoke Wedding Artwork.
Claire also creates these stunning artworks on footwear, and I have shared previously about her Hand Painted shoes.
Retro Bride portrait (Karen)
Claire who runs Beautiful Moment says “The portraits came about as a continuation of my practice as an artist which I have always done and have a studio and am part of a community gallery in Harlow.”
“I wanted to turn my hand to something more specific art-wise and as I enjoy painting and drawing people and flowers and using romantic imagery this was a good fit.”
“I work from mostly “non-posed for” photos which capture more of a mood and “Moment”.
“I use colours and floral imagery relevant to the wedding or that hold some sort of symbolism.(This is something that has carried through to the shoe art)”
“I offer the classic pencil/watercolour portraits,Vibrant ink portraits and my newest addition is Fashion illustration style pictures of your dress.”
“I’ve also done a maternity portrait with flowers symbolising new life etc in the Beautiful Moment style so it isn’t just weddings I do.”
“Several of my bridal portraits and wedding portraits have been used in exhibitions with the permission of the owners.”
“I think an artwork from your Wedding particularly is a real legacy you can pass on to your children.”
“At a recent Wedding Fair I was surprised at how many couples were wanting art as a Wedding gift or wanting to purchase with money they would receive from their wedding.”
“A Beautiful Moment artwork is an amazing way to capture memories whether giving it in the form of a Gift or commissioning the artwork as the ultimate romantic or heartfelt surprise.”
“It also a wonderful way of just treating yourself to create a beautiful feature piece in your home.”
drawing process
process pic
.Asian Bride
Anne Marie
Mrs Emery portrait
The two of Us largescale ink portrait
The first word out of my mouth is WOW!
These portraits are truly breathtaking, and what a beautiful reminder of such a special day.
Such emotion is captured in the strokes and swirling colour and these wedding artworks are just exquisite.
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