Cathedral length veils; a guide by Britten Weddings

Some girls know from when they are a little that they want a veil, some make that decision later but I’m thrilled to share a guide on Cathedral length veils from the lovely folks at Britten Weddings.




Sarah Jane of Britten Weddings says “A veil has a weight of romance and expectation rivalled only by the wedding dress itself.”

“What childhood wedding dream is complete without a veil?


“Cathedral length veils provide a sweep of extra drama for your wedding day and are at once the traditional choice and a contemporary one.”

“Long veils went out of fashion a little during the 1990’s but are back now following the Royal Wedding of 2011 when the Duchess of Cambridge wore a fabulous veil edged with the same Nottingham lace we use at Britten.”

“The name of course implies the setting a cathedral length veil should be used in but in the modern world this isn’t really relevant anymore.”

“We say if you want to make a dramatic entrance to a small chapel or registry office then go for it; it magnifies the drama!”


“Brittens cathedral length veils are 300cm long and move beautifully.”

“The character of this movement, slow and wafting or light and airy, is defined by the veils edging.”

“A cut edge veil has no edging at all and consequently moves easily and freely in the breeze.”

“Using a lace edge gives the veil a little weight and reduces the movement, all the more so if a full lace edge is used over a semi (half) lace edge.”


Juliette cap wedding veil – ‘Jules’

‘Jules’ is a classic and beautiful hand crafted veil with a juliette cap.This is a traditional vintage look, dating from 16th century England. It is believed the design dates to actors performing Juliet in the original performances of Shakespeares ‘Romeo & Juliet’.

Cathedral Length 118in

Juliette-cap-wedding-veil, Jules, Britten-Weddings, -Cathedral-length-veils

Juliette-cap-wedding-veil, Jules, britten-weddings, cathedral-length-veils

Single tier cut edge wedding veil – ‘Niacae’

‘Niacae‘ is a classic and beautiful hand crafted wedding veil with cut edge.

Cathedral Length 118in.

Single-tier-cut-edge-wedding-veil, Niacae, cathedral-length-veils, britten-weddings

Single-tier-cut-edge-wedding-veil, Niacae, cathedral-length-veils, britten-weddings

Two tier cut edge wedding veil – ‘Saria

Saria‘ is a classic and beautiful hand crafted wedding veil with cut edge.

Cathedral Length 118in

Two-tier-cut-edge-wedding-veil-Garria, saria-veil, britten-weddings, cathedral-length-veil

Two-tier-cut-edge-wedding-veil-Garria, Saria-veil, cathedral-length-veils, britten-weddings

Semi lace edged wedding veil – ‘Calleva’

‘Calleva‘ is a classic and beautiful hand crafted wedding veil with a lace edge that finishes around shoulder height.

Cathedral Length 118in.

Wedding-veil-church-length-lace-edged-Calleva, cathedral-length-veils, britten-weddings

Wedding-veil-church-length-lace-edged-Calleva,  cathedral-length-veils, britten-weddings

Full lace edged wedding veil – ‘Coria’

Coria‘ is a classic and beautiful hand crafted wedding veil with full lace edge all the way around.

Cathedral Length 118in.

Wedding-veil-church-length-lace-edged-Coria, cathedral length veils, britten weddings

Wedding-veil-church-length-lace-edged-Coria, cathedral length veils, britten weddings


To view all Wedding Veil styles…Wedding Veil Collection.


Brittens finely crafted accessories are created in their ancient studio boutique.

Bradford-on-Avon is a town built by the beautiful cloth it started weaving 300 years ago. Britten has brought a little industry back and revived old skills; the team live and work in this overwhelmingly beautiful town.

For your accessories to be entirely English-made and still be affordable is only possible by reaching out to brides direct. You’ll only find their pieces online and in the boutique that shares their studio.

Britten uses the finest materials, and specially commissioned packaging and a modern focus on your experience means the packaging is beautiful and the customer service fabulous and friendly.


To Contact Britten Weddings



Phone: 01225 864106







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