Celebrate special times with bespoke sculptures from Divine by Design Creations

Today I am delighted to spotlight on Divine by Design Creations and their beautiful unique bespoke sculptures of you as a couple, your family or your adorable pets.

They are the perfect luxurious gift for that special occasion or just because, to suspend that moment in time and create an heirloom that can be passed down through generations.

I hand over to Funmi of Divine by Design Creations to tell you all about their Business…


Who are you and what do you do?

“We are Divine by Design Creations, a family-run business, and we capture the precious moments of a couple, and freeze them in time!”

Exactly how?

“We make sculptures in very striking detail, of you holding hands in various poses.”

“We capture the here and now, to be cherished for many years to come./2

“So if you’ve just begun your journey together, or celebrating the joys of many years on the journey together, we capture your precious thoughts in a moment.”

“The value of our sculptures continues to increase as the years go by, creating a truly unique and beautiful heirloom.”

“We also make sculptures of babies hands and feet, siblings, pets, or the entire family together!”

“Souls grow in communion. Word by word, story by story, for better or worse, we build our world. From true conversation – speaking and listening – communication deepens into compassion and creates community.” ~ Sam Keen.

“Divine by Design Creations tries to capture these moments! ”

When and why did you start your company?

“We started initial plans in 2014.”

“What inspired us was the desire to capture time somehow.”

“Now, we’re not talking Dr Who science (perhaps we are), but one where you could re-live a moment and truly enjoy it.”

“Pictures do it somewhat, but not quite as we thought.”

“Consider for example all the planning for your big day, months and months in preparation for the wedding. ”

“Then it arrives and you want to enjoy every moment of it.”

“You savour the moments and the smiles and the hugs. Or sometimes things are going out of control and it may feel like utter bewilderment.”

“Looking back, you may probably advise another bride to enjoy the moments and if the planning is not turning out quite exactly as expected, not to stress and just enjoy the day.”

“Back to real life, what you have now are photographs from the day.”

“They are absolutely wonderful, but how about something you could hold, something you could touch which reminds you of exactly that time, how in love you felt, the beautiful memories of the days leading up to your wedding.”

“We believe our sculptures do just that!”

“And if yours is a sculpture commissioned in celebration of say 10 years together, think how amazing your sculpture will be 20 years later, or how cherished it will be, displayed in the living room of your great grandchild many many years later. Now that’s why we do what we do!”

What inspires you?

“At first we thought it was ability to capture these precious moments, just knowing it was possible and that we were doing it was a great inspiration.”

“But now, we think even greater, are the smiles, the joys and sometimes the tears that come when we deliver our sculptures to our customers.”

““We come to love not by finding a perfect person, but by learning to see an imperfect person perfectly” Sam Keen.

Do trends influence your work?

“Yes, we think so. We’ve found ourselves adapting the displays and styles of our sculptures, basically innovating to suit our customers.”

“Our products are absolutely bespoke, so perhaps you could say trends that influence our work are directed by our customers.”

What is your greatest achievement?

“That’s a tough one to answer. It seems that the word ‘greatest’ depends on the season/period we’re in!”

“Well, an achievement which cuts across all periods for us, and perhaps a reason to call it the greatest achievement, is delivering our sculpture to people who were perhaps not very sure about it at first (say one partner wants it and the other isn’t sure, but has it done anyway), and then just breaking down with joy on seeing it! It’s such delight to see.”

“Because we love to keep the element of surprise, as much as we can, we try not to show our customers what it looks like before it’s completed, except perhaps if it was purchased as a gift and the gifter is curious to see what it’s like (watch out, you may have to be sworn to secrecy!)”

What do you see as the future of your company?

“We see us continuing to be the name that reminds people of cherished things.”

“We’d also like to support a good cause more steadily, especially something to do with children and babies, as this is another popular side of our business, the babies’ hands and feet sculptures.”


Thank you to Divine by Design Creations for telling us all about their stunning bespoke sculptures.

Please visit their website, Facebook and Twitter pages, where they would be really happy if you could like and follow them to keep in touch, if you are interested in commissioning one of these amazing creations or even if you weren’t thinking of a sculpture right now but may in the future.


To Find out more about Divine by Design Creations

Website: http://www.divinebydesigncreations.co.uk

Email: info@divinebydesigncreations.co.uk

Phone: 07949 053 749 | 01582 639 964

Be Social: Twitter Instagram  Facebook


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