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Today I can find no better way of celebrating Burns Day but by showcasing a great Scottish talent, and sharing some wonderful couture from By Storm with you all.

Joyce Young, a graduate of the Glasgow School of Art, is the designer behind the By Storm label which was launched in 1994.




Joyce has bridal shops in Glasgow and London – offering an award winning service for brides who choose to have simple, stunning, elegant bridal designs in top quality silks and luxurious fabrics.

Over the past 14 years Joyce’s By Storm label has built a reputation for innovative design, quality and service.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to meet up with the fabulous Joyce, and chat about her Business, and see where her beautiful Couture gowns are made.

Joyce shares her background with us and some examples of her incredible work.

What is it you do, and what services do you offer ?

“I design elegant dresses for brides and mothers. We have 2 shops one in London and one in Bearsden. Our studio factory is in North Glasgow where we have a talented team of pattern cutters, seamstresses, fitters and admin people. Our business caters for the individual with all our dresses and outfits made to measure for each customer so she can choose the elements of design that flatter and suit her colouring, shape and personality.”

“As well as the bridal gowns and mother of bride/groom outfits, our hats are also bespoke and we have carefully chosen accessories to match each outfit.”

“We specialise in Scottish themed weddings with a touch of tartan. We don’t sell to any other shop which keeps the outfits exclusive.”

When, and why did you start your business ?

“I had my own design business in 1976 -82 and then designed for M&S for years but didn’t enjoy mass production so was determined to start up a business where I could use my creativity. By Storm was launched in 1994 when we opened our shop in Bearsden we have had 2 moves of studio/manufacturing to larger premises since then and opened the shop in the west end of London in 1999.”

What inspires you ?

“I’m mainly inspired by fabric and colour. I know immediately when I choose a fabric what style I will design. You could say “the fabric speaks to me” . My style icons are Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly. So sophisticated and elegant. I like styles that transcend time nothing fussy or garish!”

What has been your favourite assignment, and why ?

“Thats a difficult one ! We have had so many lovely brides and we particularly enjoy coordinating the whole wedding party which we do quite often. It’s a real honour to be chosen to play such an important part in a bride’s day and we never take that for granted.”

“We had fun making 2 outfits last summer for Susan Boyle’s visit to China for her to guest star in China’s Got Talent. She looked great in her oriental suit with Chinese/Scottish tartan trim and her ruby red lace dress. So many of her fans are now in touch with me on Facebook.”

“At the same time we designed and made 3 outfits for a client who is related to Prince Albert of Monaco and was attending his wedding in July. It was a crazy and exciting time.”

Whats your greatest achievement ?

“Apart from my two grown up children !! Being able to work 24/7 with my husband and still be together ! Seriously though I’m too busy being busy to think about what we have achieved but I guess still being here after 19 years and for the business to be in a new stage of growth is an achievement on it’s own.”

“What really makes it most satisfying is all the tremendous feedback and the photographs we get after the weddings are over from all the brides and mothers who felt like a billion dollars !  So I guess making people happy is our greatest achievement.”

Whats the future for your Business ?

“We are happy with having our two shops in the UK and would like to grow the business in bridal and mother of the bride. The main growth area we see as our Tartan Spirit collections which we intend to promote overseas. It is a niche market but we are passionate about promoting Scotland and tartan in a contemporary way.”

Tartan Spirit Couture

The Tartan Spirit Couture wedding dresses and dresses for bridesmaids and mothers of the bride are perfect for Scottish themed weddings.

By Storm use the highest quality silks and combine colour, tartan, texture and design in a completely original way that takes tartan to a new level of sophistication.

They can theme your complete wedding from outfits through to decor. All the designs are individually made to measure in a choice of colours and available silk or fine wool tartans.






Skye Dress and Jacket

For beautiful Bridesmaids with a captivating Scottish Touch



These are some stunning creations for the stylish Mother of the Bride or Groom


2012 Collection

And stunning eyecatching designs for the stylish Guest wishing to celebrate their heritage

2012 Collection

2012 Collection

What can I say about these downright gorgeous creations !

As you all know my heritage means a great deal to me and celebrating that heritage and promoting our country both as a Wedding destination, and its suppliers is of upmost importance to me.

Each design has different elements from subtle to bold to suit any Bride wishing to place Scotland at the heart of their Big Day.

I only wish I had known about Joyce for my Wedding as I simply can’t enthuse enough about how outstanding and breathtaking they are.


To Contact Joyce Young – By Storm

Website: http://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk/

Phone: 0141 942 8900 [Glasgow]

Blog: http://www.joyceyoungcollections.co.uk/blog/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/JoyceYoungByStorm

Twitter: http://twitter.com/JoyceByStorm


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