Celebration in Slow Motion – Slow Motion Videography from Slow Mo Booth

Sometimes I can get a bit excitable and especially so when I spot fresh talent so meeting Slowmo-Booth, who specialise in slow motion Videography  made me do that wee happy jumpy dance

Sometimes its great to shake things up, and this exciting new innovation is frankly quite hilarious and a brilliant reminder of a fun, happy celebration.




I had a wee chat to the peeps over at the  Slow-Mo Booth to find out the skinny on their fab blossoming Business,


Who are you, and what do you do?

We are Slowmo-booth,  and we are a slow motion video for weddings and events.

Unlike a photo-booth, we create an edited video, captured at 240 frames per second for amazing slow motion.

It’s like being in your own music video. Everything looks amazing in slow motion and allows you to see things that the naked eye would normally miss.

We encourage people to dance, use props and throw lots of glitter, silly string etc… anything that looks good in slow motion.


When and why did you start your Company?

We launched September 2013, filming our 1st wedding on the September the 14th.

We were interested in event and wedding videography, but felt we needed that innovative product that would suit our skill set and find an audience.

Over the summer 2013 a couple of slow motion booth video started to trend in the US and we thought that was something we could bring to the UK. We knew how much fun a photo booth can be and thought the Slowmo booth would go down really well.

We had slow motion filming experience from our teams previous work in the film and TV industry, so we knew that we had the experience, equipment and expertise to launch the product in the UK.




What inspires you?

Our background is in music video and promo production, so we are inspired by some of the great work in that field and aim to bring the music video aesthetic to wedding videos.
So far it’s been the amazing reaction we’ve been getting. We have a monitor for providing instant playback of the slow motion video.

It gets a big reaction, it really give’s us energy and pushes us to try and top each video.


Do trends influence the products you stock/ service your provide?

We were influenced by a trending video to launch the Slow motion booth.

Trends are great for providing inspiration and exciting new ideas.

The main thing for us is to create a service that reflects the personality of the couple.

We create a fun experience and a video that’s easy to share on the Internet and provide great memories for years to come.

The online element is really important for us, it allows the guests to continue to engage with the event long after its finished – though sharing of the video’s via social media, email and YouTube etc….




What is your greatest achievement?

We are a new company, we have done well to have already ran the slow motion booth at several weddings.

The big challenge is to publicise the idea and let people know we exist.

We’ve had great success in a short amount of time, but we have a lot more work ahead of us.


What do you see as the future of your Company?

The slow motion videography booth is a new concept, but something that people are really engaging with.

We think its going to grow quite rapidly over the next few years, it’s the logical progression to the photo booth – since the videos are perfect for social media, YouTube, Facebook etc…

As the first company to provide a Slowmo booth in the UK, we are in a good place to get the word out and become the market leader for slow motion videography booths.

We also are able to work anywhere in the UK and have designed a range of packages to suit any budget.




Thanks very much to the team for sharing their story, and I just know that Slow Motion Videography and the Slowmo-Booth are going to be huge.


Take a wee look at their fantastic Video




To Contact Slowmo-Booth 

Website: http://www.slowmo-booth.com/

Email: info@slowmo-booth.com

Phone: 07708 767244

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Slowmobooth

Twitter: http://www.twitter.comSlowmobooth



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