Celebrations with style – Vintage inspired Hen parties from the Vintage Hen House

Today its all about the ladies, and vintage inspired Hen parties as I introduce you to the Vintage Hen House.

The Vintage Hen House was created so that girls could throw a party that would celebrate their betrothed friend getting married, in a fun and stylish way that won’t make her blood run cold.


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At its core, a hen party is essentially a milestone marking a woman’s transition from singledom to married life, which is celebrated with family and friends.

Taken at this very basic level, a hen party could be almost anything as long as there’s some form of celebration involved.

The late 20th century attached a tongue-in-cheek reference about ‘the first night’ to hen parties and all of a sudden they became centred around the modern detritus of L-plates.

Groups of women can be spotted hiding behind this paraphernalia in city centres across the country on a Saturday night, using them as leverage to behave in a most unladylike fashion.

However Vintage Hen House hen parties are designed to embrace and celebrate what it means to be a woman surrounded by a network of other great females.

A hen party ought to make you feel empowered by your friends and family, not belittled by them.


I spoke to the lovely Claire Hearn to find out more….


“I’m Claire and I’m the face behind The Vintage Hen House.”

“Based in Kent, I plan vintage inspired hen parties that cover the length and breadth of the UK.”

“Originally created by a lovely lady called Abbie Kilcline, I took over ownership of The Vintage Hen House in December 2012, when due to family commitments Abbie had decided to wind it down.”

“I already had an event planning business and this seemed the perfect addition to this – so I was pleased as punch when she chose me!”


“I spent three months sourcing fabulous independent vintage and wedding suppliers to form my new hen party collections and created an online shop.”

“I then re-launched in March 2013 at a vintage wedding fair I was exhibiting at.”

“I still can’t believe that it’s coming up to a year ago since re-launch – The Vintage Hen House has been so well received that it’s become my main focus now.”


“So when you say hen party it normally mean L plates and veils but what if you want something a little less ordinary?”

“Well that’s the reason The Vintage Hen House was born to offer hens just that – hen parties that are stylish and memorable for all the right reasons.”

“I think there’s a common misconception that if the word ‘vintage’ is included on something, it’s going to mean old fashioned and boring but that’s just not the case.”

“The glamour and elegance from bygone eras inspires me and I capture the essence of that in my hen parties.”

“So whether you’re having 1930’s hair and make up makeovers, a 1940s inspired afternoon tea or a Charleston Dance class – there’s plenty of laughter and fun along the way.”


“I don’t stop at just the party though – if you are having a unique hen party then you’re not going to want L plates!”

“I teamed up with Katrina from Whimsical Wishes to create a range of handmade hen party accessories – from rosette style badges to hen party guest books – which have proven to be very popular.”

“Designed for and sold exclusively through my online hen shop – new products are introduced regularly – and as colour requests and personalisation can be accommodated – it means that no two orders will ever be the same.”

“I do spend time researching current and future vintage trends that I think will translate well into a hen party.”

“I launched my Glamorous Gatsby hen party collection to coincide with the release of the film The Great Gatsby last year.”

“This continues to be popular with hen groups into 2014.”

“I also create bespoke hen party collections – if a hen group want something a little different to what I already offer.”

“This was how my 50s Fabulous hen party was created and it proved so popular it’s now a permanent collection.”


“It’s hard to pinpoint my greatest achievement – it feels like everything has been.”

“From how well The Vintage Hen House has been received, to the media interest and to the hen party bookings and orders that continue to be taken – it’s all pretty special.”

“I think if I have to choose it would be two things – winning Jacqueline Gold’s #WOW award on Twitter celebrating women in business and regularly receiving 17,000 unique visitors to my website each month – from the UK and abroad – that’s amazing too!”


“Looking forward I’m planning new hen party collections to reach even more of the UK and working on ideas for new product ranges for the hen shop.”

“I have also just bought a pop up vintage tearoom – Mrs Tea – and this will cater for future hen bookings too.”


50s fabulous hen - Daffodil Waves Photography, vintage hen house, vintage inspired hen parties

Boudoir hen Brighton - Looking Glass Boudoir, picture 3, vintage inspired hen parties, vintage hen house

Hen Party Guest Book, vintage hen house, vintage inspired hen parties, in association with whimsical wishes

Hen Party Rosette Badges,  vintage hen house, vintage inspired hen parties, in association with whimsical wishes

Hen Party Keepsake Box, vinatge hen house, vintage inspired hen parties

Hen Party Signs,  vintage hen house, vintage inspired hen parties, in association with whimsical wishes

Hollywood Glamour Hen - Anna Pumer Photography, vintage hen house, vintage inspired hen parties


Thank you to Claire for sharing her fabulous service for the sophisticated hen.

Whilst everyones interests are different its lovely to use the eras of the past to inspire fun activities that everyone can enjoy.


Image Credits:  1. Emma Louise Photography/2. Daffodil Waves Photography / 3.  Looking Glass Boudoir/ 4. Hen Party Guest Book/ 5.Hen Party Rosette Badges / 6. Hen Party Keepsake Box/ 7.Hen Party Signs – Vintage Hen House in association with Whimsical wishes/ 8. Anna Pumer Photography


To Contact The Vintage Hen House

Website: http://www.vintagehenhouse.co.uk/

Email: claire@vintagehenhouse.co.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/VintageHenHouse

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vintagehenhouse

Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/TheVintageHen/


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