Chemical Romance – Science Inspired Valentines Card Range

We go Geek Chic on the Blog today with a fabulous Science Inspired range of Valentine’s Cards from Paper Whispers.




The collection is called ‘Chemical Romance’ which is a reflection of the cards combining elements of science with a touch of elegance.

The science or chemical portion is found in the messages which are spelled out using the periodic table.

The elegance is in the choice of the stationer’s favourite thick linen textured card, typography and the finishing satin ribbon.

Ruby Majani of Paper Whispers says, “The cards are intended for anyone you love, I thought it was pretty nice that I could spell out words like wife and husband, which are really useful to tie in with the Wedding Stationery section of Paper Whispers.”

“I guess most people think of love cards for Valentine’s Day, but I do think they are perfect for birthdays or just because.”


The Inspiration

“Before becoming a stationer, I trained as a scientist and this is where my inspiration came from. I was trying to find a way to combine the two and the card collection was the result from this brainstorming.”

“I was essentially trying to create something chic and geeky at the same time so that the collection can be different and unique but also appealing to a wider audience.”

“All the cards are available from the Etsy Shop for £5 and shipping is FREE.”










Thank you to Ruby for sharing her lovely creations, and like she said the Cards aren’t just for Valentines but also for any other special celebration that you want to get your loved one something a wee bit different to hearts and flowers.


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    love Ruby’s cards! what a clever and fun idea 🙂

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    so romantic, Iamazing cards, great idea, I really think you can celebrate love whenever you want..

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    Amazing cards!!!! beautiful work!!

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