CherryTop Weddings ~ Wedding Entertainment meets Covid-secure interactive experience

Today I am thrilled to spotlight on a new innovation where Wedding Entertainment meets a Covid-secure interactive experience bringing in-person and virtual wedding guests together.

The experience from CherryTop Weddings means that guests enjoy the experience whilst there, and with a live supporting website, absent friends can also share and follow in the celebrations.

The personalisation of each Wedding makes the wedding entertainment for your guests a completely unique and unforgettable experience.

Wedding Entertainment - Covid secure interactive experience - CherryTop Weddings

The Beginnings of an Idea

CherryTop Weddings was developed by the family team behind Treasure Trails, a leisure business specialising in family entertainment. based in Truro, in Cornwall.

The idea for CherryTop Weddings came from General Manager Alex Ridds brother’s wedding, where they created a booklet for guests with photographs, anecdotes and activities.

The guests at his wedding loved it, so the seeds were sown.

With the advent of the Pandemic. the idea grew with it becoming a wonderful way to help couples and guests create and share the moments and preserve those memories for years to come.

Wedding Entertainment - Covid secure interactive experience - CherryTop Weddings

Covid Safety 

Coronavirus safety regulations look set to impact weddings until Spring 2021 at least, with numbers capped and guests not allowed to share items or mingle between family bubbles.

This has made incorporating wedding day entertainment very challenging even in the smallest of weddings.

With their innovation CherryTop Weddings give couples a way of adding entertainment and intimacy to their day in a covid-secure way, while also ensuring that absent friends are able to be involved and feel included too.

They have achieved ‘We’re good to go’ status, the official mark to signal that a tourism and hospitality business has met the Government’s Covid19 guidelines.

Coronavirus has also meant we are all much more used to doing things virtually, but even after coronavirus restrictions are lifted, the experience is great for couples looking for ways to involve friends who cannot attend their weddings for health reasons or because they live too far away.

Wedding Entertainment - Covid secure interactive experience - CherryTop Weddings

Couple Personalisation

Couples can fully personalise the experience, uploading personal photos and meaningful thoughts and messages, also creating their own activities.

Couples design their own Love Story booklet using CherryTop Weddings’ simple to use content management system.

There are a range of designs and colourways to choose from to complement the aesthetics of all wedding styles, or couples can opt to upload their own design for the front and back cover.

They can choose from and personalise a range of activities including a Happy Couple quiz to find out how much their guests know about them, wedding speech bingo, word searches, codebreakers, drawing challenges, I Spy games and more.

The package includes a personalised pen with each booklet being an extra souvenir of the day, and more safe with personal use.

The little ones aren’t left out as there can be special booklets created with activities for children too.

Wedding Entertainment - Covid secure interactive experience - CherryTop Weddings

The Guest Experience

Guests attending the wedding in person or virtually will each receive their own printed booklet – ‘A Love Story’, personalised by the couple. It will contain photographs of the couple and fun activities selected by them.

Guests will be able to upload their responses to the activities, photographs of the day and their messages and good wishes for the couple to an online interactive ‘Wedding Wall’.

The Wedding Wall will also contain an area for absent friends to watch a live stream of the wedding.

The technology allows guests who are attending the wedding virtually to still feel as involved and included as in-person guests, by taking part in the same activities as well as by contributing their own content in real-time.

Guests both on site, and virtually will also have a permanent memento of the day in the form of the booklet, pen and supporting website.

Wedding Entertainment - Covid secure interactive experience - CherryTop Weddings

There are different packages available to suit each couple’s needs.

The initial package ~ the “Love Story Experience” includes 10 Booklets, Pens and the Wedding Wall.

You can then select add ons which can be extra guests packs, childrens packs, and absent friends packs at extra cost.

This is a fabulous innovation for on the day, and the after when the confetti has settled and all the wedding cake has been well and truly eaten there is still an amazing keepsake to be treasured.


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