Choosing a vintage engagement ring – key things to consider

There is something so romantic about a vintage engagement ring, a piece that as well a being beautiful has a rich history.

Finding that perfect piece that sums up your feelings, encapsulates your relationship, and thrills the one you love can be a tricky process, butĀ  help is on hand.

Today I share some adviceĀ on how best to choose something truly special.

Buying an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions we make in our lives, and it’s not uncommon for people to get overwhelmed and not know where to start.

There are so many vintage rings and styles to pick from; where do you even begin?

We have consolidated a quick guide to walk you through sorting through the decades of history and choosing the right vintage engagement ring for you or your loved one.

Learn the basics

Before purchasing, ensure that you understand what a vintage ring is.

A vintage ring is anywhere between 20 and 100 years old. An antique is a ring over 100 years old.

In contrast, anything made in the past 20 years is modern.

It is also important that you know that a ring could be either vintage or vintage-inspired. Vintage-inspired refers to a newly created ring emulating a vintage style.

Discover Your Style

There are two main eras in vintage jewellery that come with different styles; the art deco era and the retro era.

Rings from the Art Deco era were designed with geometric styles, while rings from the retro era featured glamorous and bold designs.

Once you pick your style, consider making other choices like preferring a particular centre stone or metal and choosing between ornate or sleek stones.

Vintage or Vintage-Inspired

The primary consideration here is the benefits of either ring.

Vintage ring designers did not possess the luxury of modern machinery during the making of their pieces, so these rings will often be less sturdy than a modern vintage style engagement ring.

Your vintage ring may demand more care and upkeep. Consider which between history and durability is more important to you as you choose between the two.

You Got This!

Vintage engagement rings are a great choice.

Whichever style you decide to go with, you are assured of rich history.

Ensure that you make your purchase from a respected seller, and check that they have the required certification to certify that you are getting the actual quality of the piece.

There are just some of the many aspects to consider when choosing such a important piece of jewellery but hopefully these tips will make things a little clearer.


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