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Today I am thrilled to spotlight on the work of Cicciona’s  and their  Nannying, babysitting, and Wedding Creche Service.

The newest addition to Cicciona’s are the Bella / Bello Party Boxes, which have been tried and tested with Children as the critic.

The Brand is based in Worcestershire.


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I hand over to Sarah Atkins to tell you all about what she does…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“I’m Sarah, and I am owner of Cicciona’s, a nannying, babysitting, and Wedding Creche Service.”

“I am also mum to three happy lads – 10yrs, 8yrs and 2 yrs old.”


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When and why did you start your Company?

“I established Cicciona’s in 2004 after 8 years as a Nanny, using the experience I had gained as a Nanny to start my own Nanny Agency.”

“I started the business when I was pregnant with my first son so I could also be a stay at home mum.”

“This was really important to me after looking after other people’s children that I could be there for my own.”

“11 years since starting Cicciona’s I have adapted to embrace and embody Weddings.”

“A few years ago I organised a creche at a family wedding, my own children & the venue loved it so much it spiralled from there!”


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What inspires you?

“Happy children, they are a delight when their needs are accounted for.”

“Parents can be under so much pressure on a wedding day so to be able to offer a little down time for them too is just lovely!”


Do trends influence your work?

“Children always latch on to latest trends, so yes!”

“Loom bands were a massive hit with the children at Weddings.”

“We did the most amazing Creche where the children taught the Nannies how to do loom bands creations.”

“Nannies and children all sat and chatted whilst making loom bands, it was so relaxed!”


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How does a Wedding Creche Work?

“If  inviting younger guests then providing a Wedding/Christening/Celebration Crèche for the children can keep everyone happy!”

“The Crèche is a magical environment created for the children to play and have fun in a safe and secure environment.”

“The Creche is ‘over staffed’ with highly experienced Nannies, the ratio exceeds the requirements outlined by Ofsted to ensure that the children receive the best in care and attention. The team are First Aided and hold a valid DBS certificate.”

“A fabulous range of age-appropriate toys to suit all, games and activities are supplied; we create baby areas full of toys and comfy floor area, small tables and chairs with environmentally friendly arts and crafts for those who feel creative, fancy dress rail, traditional toys and games such as pass the parcel and musical chairs are encouraged.”

“We also have options for some more advanced toys to keep the older children entertained.”

“If required when, where and how the children are cared for during meal times can be discussed, our equipment means that if required the children can remain in the creche to enjoy all or part of the main food service or a dedicated meal/buffet if this is being provided.”

“Extended care can be prearranged or requested on the day if celebrations continue longer than expected, babysitters and Wedding Nannies can also be arranged.”


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Tell us about your brand new Party Boxes…

“The party boxes are very new, they spent a long time in the idea stage.”

“I’ve spoken to venues to see what they do /and more importantly don’t want.”

“The general consensus was nothing messy, no confetti and no wax crayons (a white table cloth with wax crayon on goes in the bin!)”

“I’ve trialed every imaginable bag, tube and box to find the right one. It is the perfect child size to fit it in their hand. And it is durable enough to outlast the Wedding day.”

“Toys galore have been tested with my children for durability, endurance and appeal.”

“There is something in the box for every child.”

“The first time I saw children I didn’t know playing with the boxes was a really special moment, just knowing they were excited, entertained and a little wow’d made all the hard work so worthwhile.”


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boys box, party box, boys party box, Ciccionas, bello box


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“Weddings ! Ideally over the next year I will be busy enough with the boxes, Wedding Nannies and Creche’s to stop the Nanny Agency side and just focus on the Wedding sector.”


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Thank you so much to Sarah for sharing her amazing work.

Its so special to have children at Weddings in the innocence and fun they can bring to the Wedding Day.

But there are also parts of the day that can be not quite as fun for young minds so to have a wedding chreche service where children are happy and parents can relax knowing they are in safe hands and enjoying themselves is priceless.

The new Party Boxes are also great too with well thought out toys and games to captivate imaginations and keep those little ones amused.


To Contact Ciccionas



Phone: 07906 051684





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