Clare Basham Designs – Personalised cake toppers

Today I am delighted to share the personalised cake toppers of Clare Basham Designs.

Working from a photo or sketch or an original idea you may have, Clare captures her characters personalities adding a memorable twist to a Wedding or special occasion.


Flavia and Jimi Custom Wedding Cake Topper, personalised cake topper, clare basham designs


I talk to Clare Basham to find out all about her Business…


Who are you, and what do you do?

“My name is Clare Basham and I am the creative force behind Clare Basham Designs.”

“I design and create bespoke cake toppers and the miniature worlds that surround them.”

“They are cake toppers that capture personalities perfectly and are ideal for weddings, anniversaries, birthday – basically any occasion where there’s a cake!”

“They can of course be used when there is no cake too! Each character stands approximately 15cm tall and is made from a polymer clay that is baked hard in an oven.”

“They are food safe and will last a life time.”

When and why did you start your Company?

“Clare Basham Designs was founded in 2013.”

“To fully explain how it came about I need to go back to 2002, when I originally founded Clarssy Characters.”

“I have always loved creating and making, and in 2002 after making a few models of people I was getting more and more requests, until eventually I held an exhibition of my work.”

“I started taking commissions of my posable portraits: MPs, journalists, celebrities, many happy customers and even royalty.”

“After five years of combining my commissioned pieces with working in the animation industry, I retrained to teach design and technology.”

“After six years of teaching design in secondary schools – during which I had a daughter – I realised I wanted to start creating again.”

“So with the support of my fantastic husband and a part-time teaching role, I founded Clare Basham Designs.”

“I returned to polymer clay and faces but this time refining my posable portraits into something that would appeal to a wider market – personalised cake toppers!”


What inspires you?

“I am inspired by sculpture, nature, colour, my family and of course people’s wonderful faces.”

“I am lucky to come from a very creative family – if I am ever stuck for ideas a chat with one of them will always spark something.”


Do trends influence your work?

“Only the fashion trends of the outfits the cake toppers are dressed in!”


What is your greatest achievement?

“I am very proud of my degree, subsequent teaching qualification, surviving five years in inner-city schools, sculpting on a Tim Burton film and my beautiful daughter.”

“However relating to the business, I would have to go for the construction of the workshop at the end of my garden, which I could not have done without the aid of my dad!”


What do you see as the future of your Company?

“I hope to be making personalised cake toppers full time and in an even larger workshop space!”

“Further down the line I would love to take on an apprentice or run sculpting workshops – once teaching is in your blood, it stays.”


Jill and Ed Personalised Wedding Cake Topper, Clare Basham Designs, personalised cake topper, wedding cake topper

Chris Evans Personalised Cake Topper, personalised cake topper, clare basham designs

Mike 60th Birthday Caricature Cake Topper , personalised  cake topper, clare basham designs Robbie Personalised 40th Birthday Cake Topper, personalised cake topper, clare basham designs


Thank you so much to Clare for sharing her fabulous personalised cake toppers.

What a beautiful keepsake from your celebration to have something that completely encapsulates you and your personality.

Its wonderful to be able to recreate special memories for a long time after a special Event.


To Contact Clare Basham Designs 



Phone: 07789 796283





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    Thank you Mrs P and P for the feature!
    If you like my work please do get in touch for a quote. I have three slots left for 2014 and and now taking bookings for 2015 and beyond.

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