Couture Hens – Bespoke Hen Packages and Concierge Service

If you want something a little different for your pre wedding celebration and require Bespoke Hen packages that will include absolutely “everything” you want then Couture Hens may be what you are looking for.

Grown from the concept that “Every hen is different” they want to change the image of the Hen Do, and act as your personal Mother Hen to achieve this.

Couture Hens was born when two professional make up artists who have successful businesses each in the make up artistry/beauty world decided to join forces and offer a range of fabulous Hen party packages to suit all ages.
I chatted to these new ladies on the Bridal block,
Who are you, and what do you do ?
“We are Couture Hens (Ainsley & Grace), an Elite Hen concierge service.”
“We tailor make bespoke hen packages so every one is unique to that particular party.”
“We do also have some standard packages if people do want to go down that route, but we love putting together bespoke hen packages to suit all age ranges, interests and budgets.”

Why and When did you start your Business?

“We launched in January this year so we are brand new!”
“We decided to launch Couture Hens because we felt there was a gap in the market for complete bespoke hen packages  and we wanted to offer a service that made the hen feel that they could have exactly what they wanted within budget that represented them and what they like to do.”
“Couture Hens offer an Elite Service for all Our Hens.”
“You can either choose to have a ready made package where we have created and hand picked the venues and experiences or you can give us a wish list of what you want to do on your Hen and we will put a tailor made package together just for you.”
“Our Elite Concierge Service is available for any hen party.”
“This service means we ask you to write a wish list of what you would love to do or write a list of things you love and then we will tailor make your package which will be original and unique to your party.”
“We have lists of ideas we can help you with and we do not restrict this to the UK.”
“We take care of everything for you and can even make sure you have a Mother Hen with you at your party should you need anything on the night etc..”

“This service we provide is a new concept to the normal hen packages which have been the same for years! We want to bring sophistication to your Hen Party.”

Couture Hens have studied the market and found many ladies are now getting married at 30 years plus !!”

“Or sometimes as a second time bride they want something different from throwing on the L plates and heading out to the local nightclub!”

“We are aiming couture hens as a quality, sophisticated hen service.”

What inspires you?

“Ooh lots of things inspire us!!”

“Friends and family are a great inspiration as well as some amazing business peers we talk to regularly and gain advice/support from.”
Whats your Greatest achievement ? 

“Well as we are brand new so our biggest achievement so far was making sure launched Couture Hens on time which we did!”

“We are very proud of this as we both work in the wedding industry in our own right and have our businesses to manage as well as family etc..”

Whats the future for your company ? 

“Making sure Couture hens goes from strength to strength we have had a great response so far and are very excited about the future.”

“We would love to win some industry awards and maybe even gain a high profile client to help plan the perfect hen for them!”


Thanks to the girls for sharing their new venture which is just a wee bit more flexible and gives the Bride and her party more option and personalises the Event rather than the standard.


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