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Today I am excited to spotlight on  DaisyDaisy Custom Couture, an online custom couture wedding boutique offering high quality classic wedding gowns with vintage style, T-length  gowns, bridesmaid gowns and a plethora of quality accessories.

Perth, Australia based Linda Davey , award winning UK Bridal Gown Designer of No.9 Bridal Couture has teamed up with renowned Western Australian accessories designer, Tamara Harrison,  of Tamara Harrison Design.

Both Linda and Tamara are dedicated to dually creating quality products even though they each continue to provide a couture service to their own client base.


lola-images-photography, cupcake-dress, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown


I chatted to Linda to find out her thoughts on online Bridal gown shopping and about the new Brand…


“We are still seeing a huge number of brides-to-be turning to the internet in search of their perfect wedding gown at a bargain price and sadly, the majority, have just thrown their hard earned cash away.”

“These budget, too good to be true gowns that have looked stunning on line more often than not are badly made in real life.”

“When looking at the price tags in a wedding boutique, it’s not surprising that given the huge costs of the overall wedding, brides-to-be are searching for a cheaper alternative; after all, they only are going to wear it for a few hours aren’t they?”


“Many have chosen not to purchase pre loved gowns or search out local dressmakers so turn to buying their gown on the internet which turns out to be fraught with issues.”

“I still cannot get my head around anyone who believes that a gown in a store or on a designers website for 1,000’s of dollars/pounds can realistically be purchased on line for a mere few hundred.”

“Sometimes you wonder if brides-to-be never heard of the phrase. “If it seems too good to be true then it probably is?”

“Are they flutters of anticipation, or is it anxiety, when placing that item in the cart and then hitting the pay now button?”

“Many brides-to-be do not know or aren’t really interested in what a gown is made from until it arrives.”

Someone cannot expect to pay a small amount for something described as silk or Chantilly lace and then receive something that is polyester or weighs more than the apron she wears when having an x ray!”

“Those flutters of anticipation and excitement soon turn to the realisation that what you thought you had bought transpires into something truly hideous and these online stores simply do not want to know when it needs to be returned.”


“So, realising that brides to be are STILL turning to online stores to purchase their once in a lifetime gown has forced a new company, DaisyDaisy to turn the tables on the bad publicity of buying on line and offer something different by getting what you pay for.”

“No, you won’t get a beautiful silk and corded lace gown for two hundred dollars, but it will be significantly cheaper than buying in store.”

“Fabrics are sourced worldwide and if we don’t like the quality we don’t use the product.”

“The DaisyDaisy team keep an eye on current trends led by past clients and new season designs from worldwide bridal houses.”

“We are contacted daily by manufacturers in China offering their services to us, but each DaisyDaisy item is made in house to the measurements supplied by the client and the standards set by both of us.”


“Daisy Daisy bridal gowns start at as little as AUD $500 for a T -length wedding gown and a client has options of synthetic or silk choices.”

“We cater for the whole bridal party with our new designs ‘Hollywood’ offering a range of pure silk gowns for the bride, mother of the bride and mother of the groom.”

“We also offer a totally couture option for brides-to-be to have their perfect gown made if they simply cannot find what they want in the shops.”

“A DaisyDaisy client should not compromise on style or quality simply because they have set budgets for their special day.”




JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY -, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, daisy-dress, daisy-daisy-custom-couture

JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY -, daisy-dress, daisydaisy-custom-couture, wedding gown, wedding dress


St Tropez


st-tropez-dress-daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown




JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY -, Genoise-Dress, DaisyDaisy-Custom-Couture, Wedding-Dress, Wedding-Gown

JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY -, genoise-dress, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown

JASON TEY PHOTOGRAPHY -, genoise-dress, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown


Mexican Fries


mexican-fries-dress, jason-tey-photography, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress-wedding-gown

mexican-fries-dress-, ason-tey-photography, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown

mexican-fries-dress, jason-tey-photography, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown

mexican-fries-dress-jason-tey-photography-daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown




lola-images-photography, cupcake-dress-daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown

lola-images-photography, cupcake-dress, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, wedding-dress, wedding-gown




Deco Headband


deco-headband, daisy-daisy-custom-couture


Button Bomb


button-bomb, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, bridal-accessories


Floral Bloom Circlet


flower-bloom-circlet, daisy-daisy-custom-couture, bridal-accessories


Thank you so much to Linda and Tamara for sharing an insight into their Brand and their stunning Wedding Gowns and accessories.

Online shopping can be fraught with pitfalls but amongst the thorns their are roses such as these.

With passion, great design, and the best interest of the Bride at heart the Brand shows that  the Bridal look can be done on a smaller budget if you research enough to find the right person.


*NOTE DaisyDaisy ships Worldwide


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Images Credits

Daisy, Genoise,  and Mexican Fries Dress – Jason Tey Photography

Cupcake Dress – Lola Images



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