Dare to be Outrageous! – Personalised Hen Party Popping Dares

Sometimes its ok to be a wee bit outrageous, and on your Hen Party if  you are going for the traditional rather than the sophisticated then thats the time for it. 

Today I am delighted to introduce these quite fabulous personalised popping hen party dares for the Bride to be from PaperBuzz.



Simply open up the card, and two cubes featuring dares will pop out!

Which dares will the popping cubes choose for the bride to attempt?

Once the dares have been completed, put the cubes back in the card and pop them out again to choose some more. It’s definitely a fun way to choose dares.

This card would be perfect for the bridesmaid to take to the hen party to give to the bride, but it would also be a lovely thought if another guest took it with them as a small gift.

The design on the outside of the card features bluey-green cocktails. The front of the card has the phrase ‘{bride’s name}’s Hen Party’ and the date.

There are two cubes inside the card, and each cube has four dares. 

Remember that doing dares at a hen party is meant to be a bit of fun so think about the sorts of things that the bride would be willing to try and avoid any that you think she wouldn’t want to do.

A happy Bride makes a happy Hen Party!

There are also smaller versions available that have only one cube inside, sold in packs of three.

Why not get all of your guests a smaller one? It would be a lovely keepsake for the guests to take home with them and they could join in with the dares too!

These cards really do appeal to everyone, young and old alike.

However, please think carefully about whether or not the recipient has a health condition or the type of guests you are inviting for which this type of surprise might not be a good idea!

The cards are  made from white card that is lightly textured on one side. It comes with a square white envelope.

Each card comes ready loaded with the cubes. These jumping cubes are powered by elastic bands. If it is several weeks until the Hen party then please do not store the cubes flat, as they may begin to lose their elasticity.








I love these, they are quirky and original.

A Hen Night is what you make it and if you are out for some fun, and a bit of daftness then these are perfect.

If not for the Night night there are many other Paperbuzz products that are all about creating an impact on your big day, be it a birthday, Christening, wedding or party.

Invitations, thank you cards, save the date cards, favour boxes are also available at the PaperBuzz shop.


 To Contact PaperBuzz


Web: http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/kullakitacards

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/paperbuzzUK


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